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10 Taboos About Drawings On Oil Conservation You Should Never Share On Twitter

Many artists make use of drawings when they are trying to get ideas for paintings or to come up with new images. However, there are some artists who forget about oil conservation while drawing. This is very important because there are many dangers involved when drawing with oil. If you have taken the effort to preserve your drawings by using oils, you should continue to do so. Here are some oil conservation tips that will help you to preserve your drawings.

10 Taboos About Drawings On Oil Conservation You Should Never Share On Twitter

– Drawings made from water and oil differ in the way they need to be protected. Water drawings have a lower density and it is easier to preserve them. Water evaporates at a fast rate, so drying the drawing is easy. On the other hand, oil based drawing has a greater density which makes it more difficult to dry. This can be solved if the artist includes some type of varnish on the drawing. The oil conservation procedure is the same but the results are less obvious because of the greater density of the oil in water drawings.

– Oil based drawings can easily warp when exposed to air and light. Some artists find this problem hard to deal with. There is no problem with water based drawing since the properties of the oil preserve the drawing. But when you are doing oil conservation, you have to be extra careful because the oil attracts light. It is advised that you draw in an enclosed studio or area where there is no direct light.

– Paint the water on the top layer of the drawing first. This will prevent the absorption of the color of the solution on the bottom layer of the drawing. This is also applicable for sketching. When you are doing oil conservation, make sure that all the parts of the drawing stay dry. You have to keep the painting area clean and always check the condition of the oil conservation drawings.

– Use the right type of paper. A high quality drawing paper is a good way to preserve the life of your drawings. A rough and thick paper is not advisable to be used in oil sketches. The ink usually bleeds easily and dries up quickly. If you want to preserve the life of your drawings, use a medium that does not bleed easily like cotton rag. You can also use 100% cotton for drawing sketches.

– Your drawers may also contain hazardous solvents and chemicals that can affect the quality of your oil paints. In order to maintain the quality of the drawing, you have to be careful in using the solvents and chemicals. You have to also remember that the drawers may have to be wiped occasionally so that they may not become dirty and the color of the drawing preserves as well.

– Do not expose the oil to too much heat. Too much heat can damage the oil. The drawers should be placed in areas where they will receive less heat. Keep in mind that the drawer may have to be placed on an oil-free surface.

– Drawings should be kept in the proper place. You have to place the drawers that contain the most valuable drawings at the top of the oil conservation. Drawings that are not valuable should be placed at the bottom or sides of the drawers. This can be very important especially for people who do not have a lot of drawings to preserve.

– Avoid putting your drawings into a wet container. Some parts of the drawing may soak up the water and this can damage the drawing. It may also affect the finish of the drawers. Use drawers that are air tight and you can put them in a glass water jar.

– Water spills should be cleaned up right away. If the oil has been spilled in a container or any other container, make sure to have the container cleaned up right away. Use absorbent tissues or towels to dry up the area. It is best to avoid letting the oil stay on the surfaces because it may be harmful to them.

Oil conservation is very important. Drawing materials are very expensive. When you preserve your drawings, you are preserving your investment. Drawings are something that are very important in your life so you have to do everything that you can to keep them safe. You can do this by taking care of your drawings.