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11 Lessons I've Learned From Diamond Painting Techniques

There are several ways you can create beautiful diamond carvings, but many people choose to go the “DIY” route. Diamonds are so rare that most jewelers want their pieces to be as unique as possible. DIY is great if you enjoy doing things yourself, but if you're not a hands on kind of person, then hiring a professional is probably a better option. The only thing you should worry about with any diamond carving or painting is making sure the diamond coating is completely smooth and flawless. If you do it right, you can end up with a rock solid diamond piece that will amaze all who see it.

Round Diamond Painting While most kits will come with enough wax to finish the DIY round diamond painting, using the premade wax is pretty easy. All you need to do is dip the end of your diamond pen in the wax and start painting. The technique used for this type of diamond painting techniques is similar to that used when creating square diamonds. However, this time you will use a round pen to paint in the patterns.

Diamond Carving Sticky Diamonds One of the newest diamond painting techniques uses a very special type of sticky pad to create intricate designs on your canvas. Most diamond carvers will use a regular craft glue to attach the patterned design, but it can get messy if you aren't careful. Using a sticky pad to transfer the design onto your canvas makes it so that nothing is stuck anywhere and the process goes smoothly.

Light Tables One of the newest diamond painting techniques involves applying the wax with a circular motion to create a 3D effect. To do this, cover one side of a heavy-duty glass table with the wax while holding the other two sides of the table under light tables. When you turn the glass tabletop over, the pattern underneath will be visible. It is really fun and easy to do!

Diamond Multi-Diamond Applicators Diamond painters have come up with an innovative product that combines the power of wax with the process of applying diamonds. A diamond multi-diamond applicator tool is an inexpensive but very powerful tool. To use this tool all you need to do is melt down a standard size clear wax applicator (available for purchase at craft supply stores) and put the diamond applicator into the center of one of the diamonds. Using a small level you apply the melted wax to the center of the diamond and watch as it carefully melts and spreads over the diamond from top to bottom. This technique makes applying diamonds much easier because it reduces the number of strokes needed to get the same result.

Diamond Dots One of the newest diamond dot painting techniques involves meticulously adding different sized beads to diamond dots on a smooth surface like cardboard. With a hot glue gun you quickly create small dots on the cardboard. You can add different color beads to each dot until the entire surface has been covered in little diamonds. This technique requires some practice but the finished product looks beautiful.

Enamel Paintings Diamonds can be painted onto a wide variety of surfaces such as canvas, wood, metal, paper, glass and acrylic. Before you begin applying the paint, you will want to make sure the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and any dust or dirt removed. Next you will want to take your medium size craft glue and smear a very thin even coat of glue on the canvas. While the canvas is setting up, take a rubber or latex bristle brush and gently paint a very even layer of glue over the top layer of glue so that the next layer does not show through. Wait a few minutes before removing the painting surface so that the glue has time to set.

Diamond Diy Lights: This is a fun and easy way to create unique lighting effects in your home by purchasing a couple or more colored lights that have a “diver” light within them. Cut a hole in the middle of one of the lights. Drape the other light through the hole and then thread one of your colored lights through the other hole. You can do this in a circular motion to create soft light effect around your diamond. These DIY diamond light techniques are fun and easy to master when you have the right materials and the guidance from an expert.

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