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12 Exciting Parts Of Attending Paint And Wine Cary Nc

Paint and Wine NC is an annual event that takes place during October in North Carolina. The festival is known for its delicious food, wine and music. Many well-known chefs and restaurants are featured along with the entertainment of musicians from many regions of the world. The two week long bash is hosted by the NC Arts Council and benefits the Arts in NC Youth Development Center. The proceeds of the event go towards a number of different nonprofit groups.

What is considered to be the “paint and wine” NC style is a festive celebration of food, music and fun. A wide variety of cuisines and foods are served during this two week long event. Food is prepared fresh in the morning while featured entertainers perform their music in the evenings. During the daytime, children can participate in face painting activities while adults can tour the various wineries. At night, live music will be provided as part of the celebration. A special pre-ceremony tea and coffee ceremony is conducted by the Art and Wine Merchants of America to kick off the festivities.

The list of vendors performing at the event is as diverse as the number of wines offered for tasting. Guests may choose from over a dozen local gourmet food suppliers including Gertrude's, Blue Mesa Grill, The Nickel Taphouse, and Bill's BBQ. Live entertainment at the “Paint and Wine NC” concerts include the Bluegrass Band and the High Tide Brass Band. Guests can also enjoy the NC Music City Arts Festival which features numerous live entertainment acts. Other events include the NC Mingle Ballerina Competition and the Raleigh Blues Festival.

The Raleigh Arts Festival offers dance lessons, lectures, movies, and more in a relaxed environment. For a unique and educational experience, the Nail Spa at Art and Wine Market will educate participants on the history of nail painting and related crafts. Food vendors such as Guilt Free BBQ, Caviar Cowboy Burger Bar, and Sapphire Springs Cafe offer local cuisine. The festival also features a variety of art and wine offerings. Each evening featured a different local artist or wine maker.

Art and Wine North Carolina combines the newest technologies with the best of traditional celebrations. For years, guest have come to A&W for world class wines, fun activities, and friendly staff. Now, guests will experience both worlds at the same great event. A&W promises a variety of experiences, including: the Tarzan Tea Party, the Guilt Free BBQ, and the Raleigh Blues Festival. Each of these events is centered around one of the many sub-genres of wine, making it easy for guests to explore their tastes.

In addition to having an opportunity to sample some of A&W's award winning wine, guests are invited to participate in the Raleigh Blues Festival. The festival celebrates blues with live music, food, and a chance to see notable blues musicians performing throughout the day. During the day, guests can enjoy free entertainment, demonstrations, and food at the various venues. At night, the music comes to life with a performance by some of North Carolina's most beloved bluegrass bands.

The Paint and Wine Market is just one more way that Art and Wine North Carolina continues to expand and improve its offerings. There is a new focus on educational programs and fun entertainment. This is part of the reason that the establishment is expanding. “We love to entertain, but we also want people to learn,” said Pam Beesly, owner and operator of the Paint and Wine Market. “We want them to come back to the venue because they learned something new or had a great experience.”

If you are looking for an exciting, new experience, the Paint and Wine Market in Cary NC is the place for you. You can enjoy the day with free tasting before you buy your ticket. If you have never attended an event like this, then you should find out about it today. You'll be glad you did.

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