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12 Reasons Why People Like "sterling Ruby"

The dazzling sparkle and tantalizing red of a Sterling Ruby is both breathtaking and highly coveted. The precious metal has been used for jewelry for thousands of years, as the stone was associated with love, romance, passion and desire. It was also said that ruby was the one used by women in the relationship to confirm their engagement. If this is true, the popularity of the precious gem has soared in recent years. As the demand for ruby jewelry increases, we take a look back through the rich history of this stunning gemstone.

Art & Ideas Exhibition. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. The Met Museum's “The Age of Aquarius” series highlights september artwork from throughout the ages and fashions from traditional to modern art. Exhibiting works from various artists in the world of contemporary art, this exhibition traces the history and legacy of Dior, one of the most prolific artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition showcases Dior's numerous inspirations from the radiant beauty of natural objects and flora to the bold and vivid colors of art and metal.

Art & Ideas Collage. Gallery Arte, Corsica. Inspired by Dior's own art history, this exhibit features several works from Dior's long illustrious history. Unique among Dior pieces, these collages combine Dior-ian elements such as rich linens, delicate embroidery and intricate carvings with materials such as stainless steel, jute, leather and ceramic.

Art & Ideas Collage. Florence-Musso, Paris. In this exhibit, experts from the world of fine art come together to celebrate the rich tradition of Florentine furniture, ceramics and sculptors. The Collage, Florence-Musso offers a glimpse at how art and ideas meet. The artists participating in this exhibition include Mariano da Sangallo, Piero Chicano, Guido Boro, Mauro Faviano, Giorgio Rubens and Piero Polito.

Artist's Fiction. New York, NY. On display at the 2021 New York Toy and Game show is the artist's fabricated fabric collages, which were inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch. The collages are designed for children and adults, who are expected to assemble the figures using common items found around the home. The artist, Mark Langan, uses a variety of fabrics, such as cashmere and silk, to create the “Hieronymus Bosch” figure, and the textiles used are a result of the work of Jan Vondel, a Dutch designer.

Artist's Fiction. Los Angeles, CA. This exhibit is part of the ongoing Making Art series at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles. This is a collaboration between the museum and twenty-nine participating artists, whose works will be showcased over the course of one month. In this year's exhibition, the artists will be showcasing pieces from various periods in the artist's career. This collage exhibits is ideal for students who wish to explore multiple disciplines with a focus on the visual and performing arts.

Solo Exhibition. London, UK. This solo exhibition is held by Christoph Reuther at the Saachi gallery in London. Christoph Reuther is a German contemporary artist who has exhibited his work both inside and outside the country. The solo exhibition will feature works from Reuther's extensive series of metalwork, which have previously been showcased at the Saachi gallery.

Soft Work. Barcelona, Spain. This solo exhibition features Spanish solo artists including Paco Ramires and David Gimeno. The artists create beautiful and detailed soft sculptures which consist of steel, concrete, terracotta and wood. Gimeno's piece entitled Pulse, which is made of stainless steel, is especially remarkable as it is the only sculpture totally constructed entirely of steel.

Ruby & Rubies: Reflections in the Face ofxia presented by the Magnum Institute of Photography. Magnum Institute of Photography, Tokyo. This solo exhibition is a joint exhibition of the Magnum Institute of Photography and the Japan Association of photographers. This exhibition features photographs taken by the author of the book as well as contributors from the prison system, women and girl.

Soft Fabric. Buenos Aires, Argentina. This exhibition features textile art and photographic collages created by renowned Argentinian textile artist, Alejandra Rodarte. Her works include textile designs for clothing as well as collages, which are made from discarded Buenos Aires currency notes.

Urethane Sculptures. Barcelona, Spain. This exhibition features works from the talented painter/sculptor, Paco Diaz. Several of the pieces featured here were previously shown in the same exhibition, Urethane Sculptures, Barcelona, 2021.

Sterling Ruby: THAT MY NAILS CAN REACH UNTO THINE EYES at Gagosian – Sterling Ruby | Sterling Ruby

Sterling Ruby ACTS/ALPHA BLOCKER, 5 – Sterling Ruby | Sterling Ruby

STERLING RUBY – tinyBE – Sterling Ruby | Sterling Ruby

Sterling Ruby Xavier Hufkens – Sterling Ruby | Sterling Ruby

Sterling Ruby Gagosian – Sterling Ruby | Sterling Ruby