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6 Small But Important Things To Observe In 6 Fantasy Fest Body Painting Photos

What a fantastic year 2021 was for body painting and what a wonderful time we had for Fantasy Fest. My wife and I were very blessed to be invited by the Fantasy Fest organization to be a part of the official after-party celebration. It was a great honor and one that we will always cherish. It was also a very fun experience for us as we got to see how other people's creativity and imagination could take on the shape of an entire theme like the Fantasy Fest theme.

My wife and I spent the day visiting different tattoo parlors while my friends and I got to party. Of course, it wasn't far from the fact that I was just waiting for my paint to dry. It's always a rush to have something dry, but as I looked through the pictures of the Fantasy Fest theme, it quickly became obvious that there were going to be some real beautiful pictures that I would love to recreate. The colors just had this very magical quality to them. They were vibrant and energizing. I mean they were just pictures, but it didn't take a very expert opinion to realize that they were picture perfect.

So, I got out my color-skills and with the help of my wife's imagination went to work. We tried out a lot of different colors and got a feel for which combination worked best. It didn't take long for me to figure out what I liked and which combination was going to look best on my body. You know, I always go for something that is bold and different if I want to stand out from the crowd. After all, if everyone else is doing the same thing, why should I?

The day was finally here. Fantasy Fest was getting ready to get started. All of us were excited as we thought we were just going to be in for a small scare. But when the big day arrived everything changed. As soon as the doors to the park opened the fun and excitement began. We were all standing out in the mist and standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone else who had the nerve to walk into the Fantasy Fest area.

My wife's favorite color was purple so she picked the shade for her as well. For myself I picked the favorite color ever, green. This was the year I decided to paint my whole body. I had my friends paint their bodies too and it was a lot of fun. There were a ton of awesome looking Fantasy Fest costumes to choose from.

The scene was amazing with huge mountains in the background and this giant ball of light right in the middle of it. These two things combined would be even more awesome. It was just right for the little ones to come dressed up in their favorite colors. They were so cute and there was just something about their little fairy dresses that they just looked so happy. These were just some of the many amazing Fantasy Fest body paint pictures I have seen over the internet. I'm so glad I got to see what all the fuss was about.

My daughter and son-in-law were able to go as Link and Zelda from the Zelda Wii game. It was such a wonderful experience for them. Of course we didn't spend much time thinking about the dress. Instead we just tried to catch our breath and try not to embarrass ourselves in front of anyone else. Don't we deserve a little attention sometimes?

I am so glad that I got to join in on the fun this year too. It was great to see all those other adults have fun just like I did. The Fantasy Fest was awesome. I love the fact that not only were there Fantasy Fest paint pictures, but there were also tons of contests too. My daughter is already talking about the pictures she got to wear to her next Halloween party.

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