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7 Facts About Face Painting Public Liability Insurance That Will Blow Your Mind

Face paint is fun and exciting for a lot of teenagers and young adults, but there are some dangers that can be present when getting a face paint job done. Not only do you have to think about how you will get your face painted, but you also have to think about what you are doing on your face while you are getting the paint applied. The first consideration is public liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects you and your family from lawsuits that could occur while painting your face. There are two basic types of public liability insurance policies.

There is bodily injury and property damage insurance. The first kind protects you against claims from other people that suffered damage or injuries while you were performing a face paint job. The second type of coverage protects you from claims from the property that was damaged during the face paint job. Be aware that both bodily and property damage claims are very expensive to file and insurance companies don't want to pay out that much money if it ends up that they are responsible for it.

Another consideration is whether to get a face lift before or after the paint job. Most people think that getting a face lift before a face paint job is not worth the cost, but it actually can be. In fact, most insurance companies will not pay for face lifts unless it is an extreme situation that has resulted from the paint job. For example, if you had excessive whiter skin from the paint job, but that has been removed by laser treatment, then you may have a case. The insurance company might pay you for the laser treatment to remove excess skin.

Public liability insurance won't cover face pain, burns, or allergies as a result of a face paint job. However, many insurance companies will cover the cost of applying an appropriate safety paint that reduces the risk of burning or scaring someone. Before you apply the paint, check the label for the recommended safety paint. Usually the paint will specify the best one to use on your face so do your research to find the one that is right for you.

Another thing you may want to consider is whether you need to get your own insurance policy. Insurance companies will not always cover paint jobs so it is a good idea to purchase your own public liability insurance. Many insurance companies offer their clients a discount when they purchase their own policy. If you buy your own policy it won't cover you if your face gets burned, covered in a flood, or become seriously injured due to negligence of some kind. However, it will cover you if your paint job causes someone to become seriously injured.

There are many things that insurance companies won't cover. You may have heard about burning injuries, but these usually occur when a faulty lighter accidentally ignites a candle or other fuel source. Some insurance companies won't cover burns that occur due to exposure to a dangerous gasoline. They may also not cover you if your car catches fire due to faulty fuel or a flame thrown by an uninsured driver. Even accidents caused by defective products or poorly installed equipment can be covered if you take out a policy.

There are plenty of accessories that make putting on your face paint much easier, such as face masking tape, eye protection and air pumps. It is highly recommended that you wear at least some of these items when doing a face paint job in order to ensure your safety. Many insurance companies won't cover these items and so it is imperative that you protect yourself with these safety products.

Most insurance policies for face painting will not cover you if your paint job causes you to get hit by a car, gets damaged by fire, or suffers damage because of vandalism. It is also important to remember that most insurance companies won't cover face painting related injuries or damage caused by a third party. For this reason it is imperative that you thoroughly read your insurance policy before beginning a face paint job. You need to know exactly what it covers and doesn't cover so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. Take the time to read through the insurance policy and you should have absolutely no problems at all with what is not covered.

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