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7 Unbelievable Facts About Susan Cohen Thompson

The beautiful piece of abstract art named, Edge Forest by Susan Cohen Thompson is an amazing piece of art which shows how nature and human relationships are intimately intertwined. The art shows three women, who are made from nature. For example, the women's hair is green from tree branches and their eyes are also green from tree branches. The colors of the eyes and the skin of these women are amazingly accurate.

Most of the paintings in the series have been sold since they were hung at auctions, private collections, art galleries and on the websites selling arts. The first of the series, entitled Camano Island, showed three figures that could have been Susan Cohenthal's mother, grandmother and a young woman that probably Susan's daughter. Another was titled The Night Time Landscape, which depicts a serene and beautiful scene with palm trees, waterfalls and other natural scenes. The final painting in the series called Landscape with Figures was painted at the request of Susan Cohenthal's son, Daniel.

These paintings form part of a large collection called The Gifts of Mother Nature. The largest portion of this collection shows scenes from the Pacific Northwest. It includes various scenes of cities like Seattle, Olympia, Washington, Vancouver and Gorge, Oregon and the Canadian Rockies. The other portion of the series is inspired by the south western United States including Las Vegas, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, New Mexico, Texas, San Antonio and Rio Rancho, Nevada. All these are showcased on the album cover and also in the interior pages of the book covers.

Another influence of susan cohen thompson's work comes from the world of fine art. She has created several paintings that were purchased by prominent collectors such as Paul Morritz and Frank Lloyd Wright. One of her paintings sold for more than $600,000. This made it the most expensive work by a female artist ever to be sold at auction.

Among the seven unbelievable facts about susan cohen thompson's paintings, we will concentrate our attention on her famous Specter. The Specter appears mostly in the Southwest section of the painting called Seascape. It is depicted as a dark cloud that floats across the water. Its appearance has always generated a mystery among art critics.

The name of the ghost in the background of this oil painting is unknown but experts have identified him as an USA chief named Pachelbel. The origin of the image is said to be a myth which relates the story of the creation of the world. According to this legend, the devil angered by the creation of humans visited the prime minister of Kashmir, Tilak, and confronted him in the presence of a group of his ministers. When Tilak attempted to answer the devil's challenge with a knife, he was blasted away by a bolt of lightning from the sky which thereafter destroyed all the ministers present.

This story gives us another important clue about the paintings of this famous artist. According to accounts, the devil later regained his strength after a long absence. He came to earth just in time to see his children lying dead on the beach. The shocked devil decided to exact revenge by kidnapping and torturing the young daughters of the prime minister of Kashmir. After successfully performing this heinous crime, the devil escaped to a cave in the Pacific northwest where he formed a network of alliances with other demons.

The painterly skills of Susan Cohen are best showcased in the art work entitled as Dressed up in Dolors Ruscha. The work has been inspired by traditional USA prints of floral patterns painted on the walls of the house of a Hindu princess. The artist incorporated these designs in the form of brushstrokes on to thick pastels which rest on a background of shimmering marbled gold leaf. These shimmering marbled gold leaf images give the art work a luminous glow. The major themes of this work are the blend of tradition and modernism which gives the work a subtle blend of spirituality.

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