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8 Moments To Remember From Maja Wronska

Maja Wronska was born in Zadar, Eastern Poland. Her works are inspired by Eastern European folklore, mythology, nature as well as historic buildings. Her works are frequently shown at art exhibitions and galleries in both the UK and worldwide. Here is a brief overview of some of her most famous designs.

This is one of the three sets of art tools that maja wronska created with her husband and future husband, Adam Nowak. This set of art tools includes a compass, a spyglass, a map and a sextant. The couple travelled to Belzona in the summer of 2021 where they spent time with the indigenous people and took several photos and images with their camera.

The majority of maja wronska's paintings are inspired by her travels around western and central europe. In her paintings, she highlights the unique landscape that each country has to offer its visitors. In her artwork, you will find that her subjects often include flowers, mushrooms and fruit, fruits, water, seascapes, historical figures such as kings and queens, medieval buildings and churches as well as aquatic creatures such as lobsters and crabs. Many of the paintings consist of repetition of natural scenes or abstracted renderings. Other subjects include flying birds, mermaids and sailing boats.

“Strawberries” is among the watercolors that depict life in the countryside. This artist has used many different types of mediums to create her striking and realistic image of life in rural areas. Her watercolors are mostly landscapes with the occasional human figure. Her style is similar to the paintings of van Gogh but she did not become a professional artist until her late twenties. In her painting entitled “Strawberries”, the watercolor represents the ripe fruits of a strawberry plant. The vibrant red color that is used to create this work of art belongs to maja wronska.

In another example of her watercolors entitled “Bridges and Stones” the river rocks and stones that are found along the river bank give this work its distinctive look. The painting depicts a scene full of activity including boats and people passing by. Another interesting feature in this watercolor painting is the large and bold QN. A river boat can be easily noticed on the background of this work of art.

“Mona Wronska's paintings have earned her over forty awards which include numerous prizes from prestigious exhibitions. This is an impressive number which makes one wonder if it is not for real. The work of this freelance illustrator has received praise from both the critics as well as fellow painters. Her colorful portrayals of natural scenes have won many awards. Maja Wronska was born in communist country of Slovenia and after moving to Denmark, she worked for several Swedish companies.

When she moved back to her native country of Slovenia, she started practicing her watercolors on paper. She eventually decided to pursue this as a full time career and opened a studio in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. From there, she painted portraits and abstract oil paintings. This career which spanned almost twenty years eventually brought her the attention of international artists who offered numerous photo credit options.

You may want to consider using the same photo credit option when selecting your favorite Maja Wroska photo. This will allow you to share this talented artist with family and friends who may be interested in replicating the same inspiration hits. One way to do this is to select one of her most popular paintings and use the same photo credit as the background for your wall. The end results are an original painting with a personal touch.

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