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All You Need To Know About Paint Nite Groupon

Paint Nite is a spectacular Chicago group meeting. Each one of them has a paint project they are working on and if they are good, they will let you join in and paint for free. The group meets at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago's Gold Coast. All you have to do is show up and bring a couple of paint cans when you get to the event.

The group meets every Friday evening at 6 PM. Paint is brought by the members and divided into two buckets; one for newbies and one for experienced artists. No matter your painting experience, you will be accepted as a member of the group. Whether you paint with a brush or with a paint-spat, you will be able to participate.

There are several events happening in Chicago that coincide with the weekly meetings. If you love cooking and you like to experiment, you will enjoy attending these events. You can learn how to make a mosaic lamp shade or how to make a simple but stunning terrarium. Both projects are very easy to do and only require some DIY skills or a willingness to learn. In the end, you will have fun doing it and maybe even selling your projects during the events.

A lot of people love drinking wine with friends and family, so what better way to kick off your weekend than attending a wine tasting event? During the events you can learn about vineyards and about growing grapes. You can also participate in wine tours and have the opportunity to meet other wine lovers. Some of the wineries in the area host special events during summer that are only for attendees of their own wine club, such as the Wine Of Nations Celebration.

If you love painting and have a few artistic inspirations that you want to capture on canvas, then you should attend one of the Chicago art classes being offered by the Paint Nite Groupon. The seminars run usually during the last week of May and the cost is only $40. The cost includes your registration fee and a set of basic educational instructions on painting techniques. You can bring your own sketch pad and paints or if you prefer to work in a group, you can use their pre-priced sketch pads. Most of the paintings you will end up purchasing from the paintings on display will be of local artists. So be sure to check out the featured artist's website for more information on them.

There are many different things to do in Chicago during May, including various wine tastings and art events. Check out the calendar for these events and reserve your reservations ahead of time, because space is always limited at these events. You can try and book rooms at hotels close to the venues you are interested in attending if they are reasonably priced. If you are attending any of the wine tastings in Chicago, be sure to bring a bottle of wine, as Chicago wine tour companies tend to offer discounts on their packages if you are also bringing a bottle of wine. Other popular wine events include the Chicago Beer Festival, Chicago Wine Festival and the Napa Valley Mustard Festival.

If you are tired of these typical events and would like to have an experience that is out of the ordinary, why not go to a concert held outdoors in the park? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has scheduled concerts every year in different parts of the world. The schedule of these concerts is announced months in advance and you can choose which dates you would like to go to. The music is wonderful and it allows you to forget you are even on your way to a concert. Many people do not realize how beautiful the outdoor setting can be, until they have been to one of these events and they are blown away by the beauty of it.

Another of the fantastic art events that are held in Chicago includes the Chicago Eye Art Museum. This museum was created by the Illinois Institute of Art. The Chicago Eye Art Museum allows you to view works of contemporary artists on several different levels. You can walk up to the viewer and have a conversation with them. These events provide a way for people to enjoy fine art without leaving their homes. You can find a great deal of information about these Chicago events by checking online.

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