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Five Facts You Never Knew About Robert Somerton

Robert Somerton's painting, entitled “The Scream” is a breathtaking original painting by the British modern artist. The work is signed upper right anditled and dated right down to the lower left of the canvas and is in typical Somerton style – dark and bold. The work originally came from a series called The Scream, which was a long series of art pieces by artist Robert Somerton. Robert Somerton later went on to establish his own art group called The Walled House, who produced many paintings which focused on architecture and the city of London itself.

In The Scream, Somerton painted the series in almost perfect synchronization with a high voltage power supply, creating a highly charged atmosphere. This charged atmosphere was created because somersaulting was a popular method at that time for those doing aerial works. The painting consists of several sections, each featuring a different color from the main body of the painting. The colors are arranged in such a way as to form a recognizable pattern. This pattern can be seen throughout the painting in the form of swirls and vortices.

Robert Somerton is also well known for his striking water colors. These water colors were so powerful that they were used to express the rage of the sailor in battles. This fierce sense of emotion is present throughout the painting. One can easily identify the serenity of this era in the painting.

As a professional artist one may wonder why Robert somerton chose to paint The Scream. After all, this was before computers and software were available. There is no explanation as to why he chose to paint this particular painting when other more advanced technology could have been explored. What is apparent is that somber was in keeping with his career as an artist. The painting served as a means to express how he felt about his professional and personal life.

The basic thesis of the painting is that all life is sacred even if it is just a part of one's life. It all depends on the choices that people make. We need to remember that life is short. Painting the death of a love one allows us to contemplate the difficult choices we make in life itself.

Many painters have created works of art that deal with the theme of mortality. However Robert somerton stands apart from these artists. His paintings speak of life itself. They capture the essence of a dying person and what life would be like after that person's death.

In many ways paintings of the Scream stand apart from other art because they speak directly to people's feelings and experiences in life. They speak of pain, fear, and the confusion that comes with life. They are a depiction of what people go through in their daily lives. Many times paintings like these are sold at auction for huge sums of money.

You may want to add this painting to your favorite gallery collection. If you do you can be assured that others will notice this beautiful work of art. It is sure to bring beauty to any room it is placed in. You will be able to find a perfect wall hang as well as an elegant conversation piece for your home.

This painting was made famous by photographer Alfred Wallace. Wallace was traveling through Texas one summer when he had a terrible crash. He had a camera with him and when he went to get his pictures taken, he found out that all his film was ruined.

Robert somerton took these photos while he was in the hospital. After he recovered, he decided to produce this work as a full time career. A lot of the inspiration for this work came from the wrecked cars that were left in the road in the aftermath of the accident. He was also inspired by the condition of the roads in Texas at that time.

Robert somerton is now retired and runs a website about his paintings. On this site you will find many photos as well as a description about each image. You will also find a link to his website where you will find more information about the paintings. You will find that each painting is different and very beautiful. You will enjoy each and every one of them.

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