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Five Great Graham Gerken Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Australian landscape painter Graham Gerken ( Graham Gerken) creates charming and lively paintings revealing the majesty of a small cool continent of North America under the sea. An interesting fact about Graham is that almost all of his work is not displayed in the public open air. He will often only display his work at private galleries and exhibitions in Sydney and Christchurch. This is because Graham prefers to create his art in more private environments where he can enjoy more control over his creative process. If you want to see more of his striking work then you should consider visiting any of his North American locations such as Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Gerken's oil paintings are very dynamic and bright. His paintings of the sea, sky and land are full of life and vibrancy, bringing life into the picture. As with many Gerken works, there is a hint of humor in his style. As with many artists of his time, Graham Gerken was inspired by the works of the likes of Victorians. He was also a keen student of art and became a keen critic of contemporary art.

Gerken studied art and drawing before he actually started painting. He wanted to be part of the revolutionary group of artists that worked on canvas during the Pre-Raphaelites. He spent some time in jail for theft and finally found success in his own studio. His style is unique as he likes to mix pastels and modern subjects in vibrant and inventive styles.

The subject matter of Graham Gerken's paintings ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous. The sea, sky and land are covered in realistic and colorful strokes of brush. Water is an important feature of Gerken's paintings as he likes to use it as a focal point or a central theme. He uses the seascape as his main theme where the sea resembles a beautiful lake or the ocean stretched out before us. His painting of the waves is a real depiction of how the world feels when the waves lash against the shore.

Gerken uses water in several different ways in his paintings. He has at least one large watery painting where the water appears to be beckoning us as if we can take a boat ride. Another time, he captures the feel of a large river in a lonely place. A quiet evening with a few friends might be depicted with a solitary figure on a bridge as the sun begins to set.

If you look closely at Gerken's watery pieces you will see that he usually starts out his work at the sea or the ocean. It is then just a matter of maneuvering around all of the boats until the setting sun changes the water into a beautiful light blue. There are a few times where he makes use of the land as well. One famous piece shows a woman sitting on a rock with a palm tree on one side and fish swimming by on the other. The piece is entitled The Night Visitors.

Gerken uses water in many different ways in paintings too. One painting called Twilight is entitled Autumn Leaves which depicts a couple walking along a path that leads them to a clearing where a great fiery waterfall has broken off into many different directions. While it may not sound very appealing to the eye, Gerken did spend considerable amount of time working on this particular water element in his painting. The element works perfectly as he takes us on a watery journey to find the falling leaves and the mysterious and magical essence of autumn.

It seems that Graham Gerken is drawn to water in a very personal way. I can only imagine the emotional toll that this type of painting might be having on his life. He is clearly a very talented artist and I am sure that he enjoys expressing himself with his brush. The water element in his paintings is an important part of who he is as an artist.

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