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Five Quick Tips For Flora Bowley Age

If you have been following the floral care tips that we have been giving you in the past then you will be glad to know that one of our favourites is the flora Bowley Age defying cologne. We all know that fragrances need to be ages old and for many of us, a couple of years old is too long. But this one has really been a revelation and it really smells fantastic, almost as good as a twenty year-old.

So, what exactly is this cologne and what is it that you should expect from it? Well, as it turns out, flora bowley is more than just a nice fragrance. It is also an age defying product and we are going to find out why. But first, we will need to acquaint ourselves with this cologne. You see, when we say age defying, we are not necessarily talking about smelling like a teenager any more.

OK, so we know that you love floral fragrances but are they still strong enough for you to use daily and without expecting some sort of side effect? It's funny because most people would expect the answer to be no but this is not the case at all. Far from being a delicate flower, these flowers are strong enough to be worn everyday and they can actually have quite a powerful effect on your body. Are you familiar with coumarone? That is the chemical behind coumarone and what makes it very age defying.

So what is the interesting thing about coumarone and what does it have to do with the stuff that we are talking about? If you have a look at any of the celebrity perfumes such as hers, then you will see that her perfume is not only age defying but it also has a strong aroma that is actually present from the bottle. Now, this is interesting because it means that you can use a bottle of perfume without expecting any sort of side effect.

Another interesting bit of information that I want to pass on to you guys is that flora actually provides a whole range of fragrances that are quite new to the market. For example, they have released a fragrance called C.U.N.T.E.R.E.Y. along with another called L'Amore edition. The interesting part is that the C.U.N.T.E.R.E.Y. perfume is supposed to be a summery scent whereas L'Amore edition is supposed to be an oriental scent that is mostly worn during the autumn months.

Alright so let's talk about what else comes in the flora collection. For starters, we have the brand new cologne Bvlgari Cologne Age Undone. This cologne is an aromatherapy one that is supposed to give you a seductive aura. I can't say much more than that because if you have not had a try then you will probably want to try it just to find out what I'm talking about. The other two fragrances that are in the collection are Celine Dion Spring in Paris and Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Cologne for men.

In terms of the cologne itself, I found that it was quite rich and robust as expected. There was definitely an abundance of cedar, oak, and tobacco along with some lavender and floral touches. It really has a distinct smell that you just can't shake but it also smells like something comforting.

One of the scents that I would definitely recommend is the cologne Bvlgari Cologne Age Undone because even though I said that it has a strong smell, it does not smell like you're walking on sand or walking under a waterfall. Instead, it has a scent that is more sophisticated and I would definitely expect someone who is looking for something different to wear it. It might not be something that would make you feel on top of the world but it's definitely not something that will turn off anyone. With the many floral notes, it could even be considered a ladies perfume but it has that freshness that most people look for. It also smells like it has been around forever and it's not going anywhere so I definitely recommend this fragrance.

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