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Five Things You Won't Miss Out If You Attend Who Painted

The Who Painted This? challenge is basically a drawing contest where individuals are encouraged to paint a painting based on a specified clue. This can either be a personal work by a certain artist or a sketch in an established art gallery or exhibit. The prize money for the winner comes out of the top prize money, which is usually a percentage of the total cost of the work. Therefore it is an extremely useful as well as engaging form of art creation.

Who Painted This? has been around since the mid-eighteen hundreds in England, and has gained popularity over the years in parallel with developments in the painting world. Paintings from this time period, which have been dubbed by some to be renaissance paintings, were primarily used for renaissance fairs. They are also known to be self-portraits.

In paintings from the early renaissance artists tried their best to portray religious topics. A good example of this is a painting called Sandro Botticelli's Madonna and Child With Six Saints. It is from the Italian Renaissance period and depicts Botticelli's interest in Madonna and child worship. He made use of his mastery in grammar to create beautiful images which depicted the Virgin Mary and her six saints. In fact it was Botticelli's fascination with the alchemical processes that he used to produce these oil paintings.

Some of the most famous paintings from the early renaissance period which have survived till present day are The Immaculate Conception, Donatello's Flying Ass, The Virgin And Child With Two Angels, The Last Supper, The Nativity and the Last Supper. The Last Supper is perhaps one of the most famous paintings from this time period and has inspired many people to express their emotions on canvas. This painting by Michelangelo has inspired people to use food as an art medium. In today's world of food art there are hundreds of books and exhibitions which have focused more on food related art.

Another great artist who lived during the renaissance time period and was highly revered was Titian. He is known for The Sistine Chapel which still stands to this date. Titian was a Florentine painter who was highly respected because of his skill in painting. Many renaissance artists tried and developed their skills under Titian but he was also a great critic. Some of his paintings included The Night Watch, Dance of the Doves, Dance of the Beloved Son, The Virgin And Child With Two Angels and The Madonna And Child.

Michelangelo was another famous Italian painter who lived during the Renaissance period. Many of the works of Michelangelo can be seen in the Sistine Chapel which was built by him in the year 1311. Michelangelo's statues of the Sistine Madonna and Sistine Chapel still stand to this day. Michelangelo also spent a lot of time working on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which is considered one of the best examples of renaissance art. Other great artists who lived during this time period include Leonardo da Vinci, Parmigiano and Donatello.

The last great artist to live in the Italian renaissance period was the Dutch master Jobst van der Goes. He is well known for his paintings The Night Watch, Dance of the Doves, The Battle of Alcazar and The Seasons. Jobst was born in 1560 in the Netherlands and was known for his creativity. His paintings often included natural scenes. Most of his work was based around nature although he did paint The Seasons which was one of the greatest paintings of all time.

All of these artists have left a valuable impact on Western culture. As you can see from the names above each artist painted during this era had a profound impact on Western Art and their own careers and most of all their art. If you are interested in learning more about these early artists and how they created their masterpieces, you can do so by doing a quick search online. Who knows, you may learn more about them then you ever thought possible.

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