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Here's What No One Tells You About Gus Ballman

In this article we are going to find out about Gus Ballman the great American Poet, or at least one of them Gus was born in Chillicothe, Illinois. He was a bright and curious young man. Like many of his generation, he found himself drawn to the poetry of William Wordsworth, because of its aesthetic beauty. So when he was old enough to attend college, he did so with the hope of one day turning it into poetry.

Growing up in a house with two girls, Ballman learned to love reading poems by candlelight while his two sisters cleaned vegetables on the backyard grass. He also loved to play air piano during summer afternoons and listen to the harmonic resonance of the nylon stringed instruments as his mother played them. As a teenager he spent much of his spare time sketching and painting. He was also fascinated by the work of the abstract art movement that came to be known as “Formalism”.

As he aged, Ballman's interest in poetry and paintings turned to mixed media, especially painting and sculpture. His early work consisted mainly of watercolors and pencils; however, he soon abandoned those mediums in favor of oils and acrylic paints. Around the age of twenty-one he began to paint with oils. While working with the medium, he discovered how to blend various mediums to create powerful imagery. One particular piece which he completed in this fashion is entitled “The Great Bazaar”, a depiction of a shopping mall, complete with rows upon rows of booths, food items and retail goods.

A few years later, Ballman moved into painting with acrylic paints. This was not a hobby or interest that he maintained throughout his life. As an artist he enjoyed mixing mixed media, particularly the use of different painting techniques. He found that when he was able to capture the essence of a scene through his oil paints, he was able to capture a greater sense of drama in the piece than he could have with watercolors and pencils.

One of the most notable works from the career of Gus Ballman is his painting “Desert Rose”. This is another one of Ballman's “rylic” works, and this is the artist's third “rylic” work. It was originally begun with pencils and then later on added oils to bring out the colors in this early work. This piece was completed in a relatively short period of time, as it only took him a day or so to complete it. All of the other paintings from the short career of Ballman were completed in a similar manner.

In the late nineteen eighties, Ballman decided to pursue an art degree, but he did not choose to attend any classes specifically geared toward art. Instead, he pursued a variety of other courses including courses in journalism and creative writing. While he was in college he also began to paint oil paintings, and even worked briefly for a photographer. Eventually he was asked to take a course at the Academy of Art University in Chicago, Illinois, which would focus on the medium of painting.

Once he graduated in June of 1977 he began traveling around the country, painting in various cities. He spent about a year living in New York City, where he was exposed to a wide variety of different art experiences. Along the way, he also spent time in Los Angeles and he fell in love with the natural beauty of that place. Ballman decided that he wanted to pursue an art degree, but he didn't know what he wanted to study. He knew he liked to paint but he didn't know what medium to choose.

Finally, a friend suggested that he check out the oil paintings of Kenneth Noland. As it turns out, Noland is one of Ballman's major influences. Ballman now believes that his art has a much more personal feel than any other medium. Ballman currently teaches painting techniques to students at the Woodstock Community College of Art and Design in New York. In addition to oil paintings, he spends much of his time working on fine art drawing and sculpture.

Gus Ballman Gallery – On The Level Tattoo – Gus Ballman | Gus Ballman

Gus Ballman Gallery – On The Level Tattoo – Gus Ballman | Gus Ballman

Gus Ballman Gallery – On The Level Tattoo – Gus Ballman | Gus Ballman