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Is Save Oil Drawing Pictures Still Relevant?

“Is save oil drawing pictures still relevant five years after I got my first lesson?” This is a common query among a number of budding artists who find out that the art of drawing from the sketch pad isn't all that easy. A lot of folks have discovered that there are a number of advantages of learning how to draw by hand. These advantages include enhancing the artists' ability to appreciate and enjoy what they are doing as well as improving their own personal artistic sense.

An artist's ability to perceive things depends on his or her perceptiveness. If an artist senses something is wrong or has an impression, then he or she will be able to correct it. This perception can be improved by a few things such as exposure to certain lighting conditions, exposure to different heights of art mediums and even the general atmosphere of the arts' community. It should be noted that some of the advantages mentioned here were brought about by actual working experiences in the oil fields. One of these advantages is general said to be 'apparent'.

'Apparent' in this sense refers to the ability of seeing or getting an immediate impression. There are two schools of thought regarding what exactly this means. One school says that it refers to the ability of seeing an image as it truly is. According to this school of thought, true seeing is not limited by the mediums we use. For instance, if you see a picture on a greeting card, you are better able to relate to the person who sent it because you have seen it 'appear'.

The other school of thought is what is called'implicit perception'. It goes like this. We do not actually perceive things as they truly are in the same way that we perceive events and objects in the physical world. Therefore, it is said that it is possible to save oil painting pictures from looking too'real'.

How is this possible? Well, consider the fact that most paintings are produced with a bit of rough drawing on paper. If a real artist were to produce oil paintings from scratch, he would not be able to do it unless he was using his'sixth sense'. We see this happen time and again with great painters like Pablo Picasso.

This does lead us back to the notion that it is possible to save oil paintings from 'over realism'. By this, I mean that it is possible to make paintings seem more like paintings in the third dimension, or in another dimension. Now there are a few ways in which this can be done. It can be done by having them haphazardly glazed. However, this is not a recommended way of saving paintings from over realism. The glaze must be tumbled very gently and thoroughly or else the finished product will not come out as you had hoped it would.

Another way to save oil paintings from over realism is to have them framed. Framing is an important part of giving paintings a good look – without it, paintings look lumpy and messy. Framing is done using a rod that is fitted to the wall behind the painting and the canvas is hung on this rod. To give the effect of depth to the framed oil painting pictures, the picture is then hung at an angle slightly higher than the rod. This produces a much more dramatic effect than if the painting were simply framed using normal board. One can easily notice this difference when viewing a framed picture in a frame – you will almost always notice a deep and mysterious feel to the artwork.

Of course, if you wish to save oil painting pictures from over realism, then you will also need to add a little bit of light paint. Light makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to oil painting pictures. Without sufficient lighting, the painting becomes too dark and dull and there are noticeable 'blobs' of paint where it was not painted. To combat this, one should take a bright shower before working on the canvas – the water can cleanse the paint and make it look clearer. If you wish to add some light to your oil painting pictures, you can purchase special photo paper from art stores or you can use special penlight made especially for this purpose.

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