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Learn All About Franklins East Falls From This Politician

Franklins East Falls is a small town within Melbourne's greater Dandenong Ranges. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Yarra Valley, Franklins offers a unique dining experience. With a quaint atmosphere and a strong focus on local produce, the restaurant promises an exciting night out for all the family. This lively restaurant offers a huge variety of food from the amazing local pub food, bar & game room, to international inspired cuisine. There's no denying that Franklins East Falls is one of the best restaurants in Dandenong.

Food is inspired by the Australian outback, so expect traditional Australian dishes like lamb, beef and chips, with a wide range of imported favourites including French fries and USA biryani. Along with fantastic food, the bar offers a fantastic selection of bottled wines, as well as some quality cocktails. If you're looking for great drinks, they serve a great range from the classic V8 to a contemporary interpretation with the name “Meadowood”. Other great bottle selections include Rainwater and Bamboo Sparkling wine.

Franklins East Falls has an interesting history; it was originally a gold mining town built around a natural spring, which gave the town its name. Today the opening of the Magorian railway station marks the completion of this remarkable section of the City of brotherly love. Visitors can take the direct train from Melbourne to Franklins, or travel by car using the regional rail network. The city also benefits from a major railway link with the Franklins East line, which travels into the city daily.

The restaurant was first opened by two brothers, Harry and Don Whittle, in 1963. Harry worked as a salesman for Hainburton Woolworths, while Don worked in the shipping industry. Don invented the “whiskey glass” technique, which allowed customers to have a shot of whiskey without leaving the bar. They named their restaurant after their own personal tastes: Winkle and Willow Springs. Over the years the bar has expanded, and in addition to wine and spirits it also offers specialty food.

Many of the original vintage films were filmed here at Franklins East Falls. Some of them are “Dracula” (a 1957 horror film), “The Damned United” (which starred Andy Firefly & Marilyn Monroe) & “The Addam's Family” (with John Lithgow). The bar & restaurant is sometimes used as a backdrop for filming, with actors and actresses often required to “dress up” to be able to film there. You might see the likes of Matt Damon, Cobie Smulders, and Ben Stiller at the bar during movie shoots. Sometimes these visits are coordinated with the directors, and they may even stop in on a break from shooting to meet their actors for a meal or to do a private take.

There are several dining options at Franklins East Falls. Of course, you can always start your meal at the counter or at one of the many tables scattered throughout the place. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you might want to try the barbeque. This is a big seller at the place, and it's easy to make friends with some of your fellow diners while you wait for your meal. Many of the dishes are based on traditional southern BBQ flavors. Don't be afraid to try new things – it is what makes Franklins East Falls unique.

Once you've had your fill of the burgers and hot dogs, it's time to get down to the business of enjoying yourself. There are several different venues for dancing, live music, & comedy shows. The bar has a jukebox to keep you entertained, as does the dance floor. There is also a stage right outside of the bar for shows, which are pretty awesome.

The interior of the bar is a postcard perfect setting. It's been painted in an opulent orange and black. The walls are painted in a floral pattern, and they look pretty good. Most of the other fixtures look like antiques. The bar counter has wooden stools that match the bar stools.

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