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Never Underestimate The Influence Of Famous Paintings On Cardboard

Never underestimate the power of famous paintings on cardboard to decorate your home or office. With the availability of blank, vinyl canvases and paints of almost every imaginable color, artists have little restraint in expressing their creativity on these simple canvas pieces. You will find that there are also many artists who use famous paintings on cardboard to make collages and photo albums for friends and family. They may choose to make these pieces for exhibitions or galleries, but most commonly these pieces are used as wall art. Here are a few ideas for using famous paintings on cardboard to decorate your home or office:

Belletristes, a popular painting from the Fauvist period of French art, is often reproduced on the background of beautiful western landscapes. The style originated in the southern part of France, and it depicts scenes of rolling hills with villages set against striking blue skies. The image itself, a depiction of a humble village girl playing her meek little flute on a late spring night, gives you an idea of the belletristes' simplicity. It never loses its appeal, and is sure to find a place among the famous paintings on cardboard you'll see around you.

Renoir, another great painting from the Fauvist period, is often reproduced on background of natural scenes like rivers or fields, giving the viewer a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. It was created in response to the “rastateurs” who enjoyed hunting and photographing natural scenes, and it's easy to understand why these “puppets” made such an impression on those famous paintings on cardboard. The strength of this painting is in the depth of field, which allows the viewer to appreciate the true details of this landscape. This type of painting can suit both the casual canvas print and the more ornate oil painting.

Monet, another of the major artists of the early twentieth century, produced a lot of work that can easily be considered famous paintings on canvas. He tackled everything from cityscapes to landscapes, and his style remains popular today. His most famous artwork, which depicts his wife and his two children at the moment when he and they were starting a new home, is still seen at landmarks all over the world. If you like the simple, romantic and unpretentious style of this artist, this would definitely fit your list of favorite artwork.

Georges Braque's painting, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, is another great example of famous artwork on canvas. This painting, which depicts a group of Frenchmen at the height of their glory, is also one of the most famous works by this famous French artist. As with Renoir's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, this famous painting on canvas has also become a part of the American art scene. You will find this particular painting in virtually every art museum in America, and for good reason.

Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is a much less famous painting, but it still ranks high on the charts of famous artworks on canvas. One of Picasso's more famous works, this is a larger-than-life image of a woman who lies prone on a bed of flowers. The size of the image, and the lushness of the flowers, make this a very beautiful piece of art. It's almost an iconic image, and you're sure to see this on t-shirts, coffee mugs, postcards, and so forth. It was even immortalized on the soundtrack for the movie, which you may have seen.

Jean Baptiste Cezanne's The Little Shop of Horrors is probably the most famous painting in the history of art. The image of a man with a donkey that is sitting at a bar is one of the most recognizable paintings of all time. The image itself is very catchy, and many people associate the donkey with Cezanne's own practice of painting with a rather macabre theme. The painting of the man sitting at the bar has become an icon of the French salon culture, and has been used as the subject of countless fashion shows, movies, and TV shows.

Andy Warhol's Star Hotel is another of the most famous paintings ever put onto a canvas. The reason why the star hotel is so famous is simply because of the bold color combination that was used in the painting. One might think that a photograph of a hotel room would be dull, but Warhol made this work. In fact, the star hotels of western countries were often used as inspiration for Warhol's paintings because of the bright colors and the stark contrast of the colors. A star hotel, with its unique design and iconic status, is probably one of the most famous paintings on cardboard that you can find.

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