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Reasons Why Hrvoje Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

The Bosnian People's Republic of Republika Srpska is governed by the HDO, the former name of HRMO. HRMO refers tohrvoje, a Croatian word for “freedom”. According to the Croatian government and the head of HRMO, the HDO will start a new name after the current one, “Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Bosniakians, and Croats in general, are all free to choose which name they want for their country.

Evi RS, the Croatian president, justified his decision in an interview with Croatian daily newspaper Dikar. He explained that the name change was necessary because “the people of Bosnia cannot decide themselves, nor can the residents of those regions”. HRMO, he added, is the “people of the Croatian state, and not the Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs or Bosnian Muslims”. The Croatian president stated that he wants to form an international organization which is supported by all the countries that are in the region, to fight corruption within the association. In other words, according to the Croatian president, Bosniaks and Croats should not be allowed to decide which country they will like to live in. Thus, the new name of HRMO will be Bosniakistan Republika Srpska, or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In reaction, the Croats who are in the region complained that the Croatian government is trying to divide them. They claimed that the name change is part of a campaign by the Croatian government to strengthen the presence of its minority in the region. Moreover, Bosniak and Serb representatives in the region have not accepted the name change, as they do not recognize the entity of HRMO.

However, the two parties met together in Belgrade to find a solution. On July 3rd, they presented their proposals to the Bosniak and Serb representatives in the organization. The Bosniaks have accused the Croatian government of trying to shift the focus from its national goal of a united Europe to that of a ” multicultural” Europe, a “fragile” Europe, a “safe Europe” and a “Christian Europe”. The Serbs accused the Croatian government of trying to strengthen the position of the Christian majority in the region at the expense of the other minorities. They claimed that the new name of HRMO was designed to strengthen the position of the Muslims in the region.

The Croatian government, on the other hand, claimed that Bosniaks and Serbs must agree with the name change if they want to continue using the name HRMO. The officials of the two sides met in Brussels on August 4th and negotiated to this date. The negotiations resulted in an agreement on the name change and two additional points. These points are as follows:

First, the Croatian language shall be the only official language for all organs of the administration of HRMO. Secondly, the government decided that the names of the boards of directors of the organs of the administration of HRMO shall be the same as the names of the boards of directors of all the organs of the government of croatia. This way, the two organs of the government will have two official names in Croatian, namely “Hrvoj je Bosna”, i.e. ” Croatian Health Ministry” and ” hrvoje herzegovina” i.e. ” Croatian Ministry of Health Services.”

The next step is for the Croatian government to adopt the new organs of administration for the Croatian National Bank. And the third point of agreement is to reform the statutes for the Croatian National Bank with a view to improving its performance and making it more financially sound. In this regard, both the prime minister of Croatia and the president of Bosnia were present at the signing ceremony of the present agreement between the two governments, as was Mr. Tomislav Jocic in Sarajevo, who is the finance minister ofCroatia. The officials of the two countries will co-ordinate closely with their respective parliaments before carrying out the reforms. But the Croatian officials said that they are optimistic that these changes will take place as planned, mainly because of the presence of Mr. Tomislav Jocic who is a Croatian and a representative of the Bosnian people.

There is also another important event in this connection. On September 11th, the Croatian President, Mr. Croatia will be heading to Sarajevo for talks with the Bosnian president, Mr. Alija Izetbegov. During these talks, the Croatian president is expected to finalize the association with the EU as well as the Euro. According to reports in Bosnia, Mr. Toldnic did not rule out the possibility of accepting the EU association and he even mentioned the possibilities of the entry of the country into the Schengen visa free area. This means that the entry of Bosnia and Croatia into the Schengen visa free area would be very beneficial for the countries like Bosnia, Croatia, and Italy as they will get visa facilitation without having to bear the expenses of the visa.

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