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Seven Unconventional Knowledge About Justyna Kopania That You Can't Learn From Books

Name is Justyna Kopania. She is a Croatian artist. Her artwork is diary-like; there is no style or shape or form. It's the work of an artist, living in the now and reflecting it through her works.

Justyna Kopania was born in 1990 and as you can see from her works, she grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature and the harmlessness of human beings. She has a very deep passion for drawings, mostly oil paintings but also watercolor and even collage works. She has main inspiration coming from nature and she often compares these to her daily life.

Justyna's artistic style is very unique and not only that, her works show very complicated functions of human psychology and unconscious mental processes. Justyna Kopania was born to artistic parents who encouraged her to be creative and to try new things. She started learning drawing when she was young and after some years she pursued art degrees in design and decorative arts. After this she studied painting too but her concentration was on the more technical side of art and she chose mainly landscape paintings.

Justyna studied painting with her grandfather and his methods are based on traditional subjects like autumn leaves, wild flowers, fruits and vegetables, wild animals, lakes, mountains, and many other natural subjects. The main inspiration of her works came from these natural subjects which reflect human psychology and unconscious mental processes in our daily lives. Justyna has said that the paintings have a deep message regarding honesty, courage, strength, love, gentleness, peace, etc.

In the upcoming series of her painted texts we will see how these messages will be transferred to her subjects in the large paintings which will form part of her masterpieces. These large paintings will allow us to understand fully about the psychology of paint. We can also have an idea about how paint works through her intricate use of textures. These textured paintings will have a powerful impact on us as they bring us closer to the reality of life through her powerful words and beautiful paintings. As she herself has said: “my paintings are not about beauty or about shapes, but about people and their situations” This is what I believe to be her strongest point and it's what I want to convey through my work as well.

One thing about paint and her works in particular is that it requires a lot of patience and practice in order to achieve a perfect finish. One example is that if you are working on a big painting and you find out that there are some parts missing just before you are about to complete the painting, do not hesitate to start over again. Just as with learning new things, you must try again until you get it right. In the case of Justyna Kopania, the process took her almost five years to complete her oil paintings and in fact, she managed to only complete 35 paintings. This is quite an achievement by today's standards, especially when you consider that many modern artists have achieved much more in less time.

The combination of complexity with simplicity is something which we can all appreciate about this extraordinary artist. After you have finished Justyna Kopania's first oil paintings, you will immediately understand why she became one of the most famous painters in the world at the moment. Her ability to create such detailed and complex paintings, that leave you speechless only comes after years of practice. As she once said: “painting is an act of imagination and at the same time it is an exact replication of reality”. That is exactly what we can learn from her, an artist who has followed that simple rule throughout her whole series of beautiful oil paintings.

In future articles, we will continue to explore the full breadth of Justyna Kopania's wonderful artwork. We will also take a brief look at her other works, which can be found on several websites across the internet. Justyna's name is synonymous with large paintings, which are in keeping with the majority of her overall body of work which can be found online. We hope that you will like what you see, and if you have any questions regarding Justyna Kopania's paintings, you can contact us via email or visit our website in the coming days.

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