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Ten Facts About Tigi Color Swatch Book That Will Blow Your Mind

The Tigi Color Swatch Book is a new and innovative way for colorists to apply their color without the mess and damage of traditional swatches. This book comes in three parts: The Color Balancing Guide, The Shampooing Guide and The Step-By-Step Guide to Mixing Salons. In the third part, there are eleven color mixes that are easy to use for any shade or combination of colors that you would like to try out. This is a great way for aspiring colorists to try a variety of looks in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace.

However, the question still remains as to why does the Tigi Color Swatch Book sell so well amongst salon keepers? And what are its advantages over other similar products? In short, it is because of its unique selling proposition: It offers a myriad of shade alternatives for every skin tone, and is designed to be a quick and easy way for consumers to create matchless looks in the privacy of their own homes. Furthermore, it helps ensure that the colorists accept the premise that beauty is more than just about the eyes and hair, and that there are many other components that contribute to a face and body that sum up the whole beauty and charm.

The concept of creating a versatile palette has been around for some time. However, until now, these concepts were not seriously taken into consideration by salons and other beauty care establishments. This is one of the reasons why many people do not trust the claims of professional colorists about the various blush brands that they use. But now, that the Tigi Color Swatch Book is here, such apprehension is a thing of the past.

It is true that some colorists may grumble a bit about how their fellow salon professionals have been fooling them with blushes and other products that do not match the quality they strive for. But, all these grumblings have been put to rest thanks to this new product. In fact, many experts in the field have also been interviewed by the authors of the Tigi Color Swatch Book in order to help other salon professionals and consumers understand the significance of the book. Furthermore, these experts also provided some useful tips on how to avoid, or at the very least minimize, such accusations.

First and foremost, it is important to note that the only reason why a colorist would create a swatch book is to provide clients with a complete palette of colors. This means that every shade, every hue, and each of the other pigments has been meticulously assessed to make sure that the client is getting the most suitable highlights and saturation of the product. However, some colorists have been accused of undermining the quality of the finished product as a cover-up for cheapening their prices. Such accusations have no basis, as the Tigi Color Swatch Book does not compromise on the quality of the products used. In fact, the Tigi creators deliberately designed the book to provide salon and other professional colorists with the best resources available, which have helped them build up a huge customer base.

The second reason why some colorists accept Tigi as their palette is because the price is very reasonable. Even when other brand names are included in the price, you can be assured that Tigi is not overpriced. Most salon professionals and other colorists say that their biggest problems with expensive brands have been their exorbitant prices. You can easily understand why salon professionals and other professionals would willingly settle for lesser products if they want to maximize profitability. With Tigi, you are getting high quality and affordable products.

The third reason why some salon professionals and colorists accept Tigi as their favorite supplier is because of the variety it offers. You will find a wide array of blushes, bases, and lipsticks in the Tigi Color Swatch Book, which is a big advantage compared to say, Maybelline or L'Oreal Color Range. Other major brands may offer similar products, but when you are getting a product that is made only of one color, you are getting a lot of diversity. This is something that most home blush artists and professional colorists do not get, and this is what makes it the perfect choice.

The fourth reason why some salon professionals and other colorists are attracted to the Tigi Color Swatch Book is because of its affordability. It is one of the cheapest books on haircolor and makeup that you will find anywhere. Furthermore, it provides the user with step-by-step instructions, which eliminates the guesswork. This is a big plus, especially for people who need to follow instructions but cannot always remember them. Tigi also has a wonderful customer service reputation, so you will not have any trouble with contacting them.

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