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The Modern Rules Of Janel Bragg

If you love art, Janel Bragg will be the perfect teacher. A graduate of Gainesville High School (FL) in Florida, Bragg made a name for herself as a teacher-in-residency, teaching drawing and art. Her first solo painting was a series of black-and-white photographs of her cat Cherry.

“Series' method she uses with her paintings, and her use of colors and textures in her work, is based on the process of dreaming.”

When she was young, her father worked in the construction business, and taught her the importance of hard work and staying focused. They lived in an old house in Gainesville, FL, and she remembers sitting on the front porch and watching the sun go down one day. It was the day her world began to open up to her, and she made a promise to always honor her father's dream. Her summer job was washing windows, after she graduated from the University of Florida, where she studied art and Spanish. She cooked for the family, worked odd jobs, and saved money by doing odd jobs around the house as well as selling artwork in the evenings, often selling her paintings when no one else in the neighborhood wanted any.

Her father died when Janel was twenty two. She does not remember much about him, other than the fact that he was passionate about his craft and tried everything imaginable to help her. One of his passions was learning how to do watercolor, which was something he had done since he was a child. He also helped to fund her education, which included traveling to various art schools in the United States, Mexico, and Japan, as well as visiting China and Korea. She says that the father's passion for art has inspired her ever since.

She graduated from the University of Idaho in Bozeman, then studied art in San Francisco and Paris, where she produced several commercial paintings. During this time, she met her husband, who was born in California. They had eleven children, and she still longs for the days when home was a two-bedroom apartment with a yard, surrounded by dogs and cats. Her children are now grown, and she lives in Washington State in an area that experiences very cold winters.

Her studio is located on the East Coast, in Bozeman, Washington, and she lives in a house with a view overlooking the Olympic Mountains. When asked about what she looks for in art, she says she likes to use the process of color and light in painting, using the natural world as the reference. Her favorite artists are Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Mark Taperica, and Morris Louis. Janel Bragg has been invited to join the American Institute of Contemporary Art in New York City, where she is presenting work.

Her paintings are described as vibrant and lively. Some have animals in them like lemmings, rabbits, and doves, while others are simply landscapes like views of rolling hills, waterfalls, and lush mountain tops. In one painting called Winter Sky, she portrayed the West Olympic Mountains, with clear blue sky overhead and white snow underneath. Her other paintings often deal with water and the outdoors. One called Cloudless Sky features rolling hills covered with a blanket of cloud, with a few small birds flying above.

Her technique is described as impressionism with hints of digital manipulation. Her paintings appear to be spontaneous reactions to the subjects she has chosen. She starts out by drawing on the canvas with pencils or a brush, then she moves from that to working with paint. Her colors are very vivid and the process of mixing and matching is fun, like letting your imagination go.

Bragg's paintings are realistic but not lifelike. Her painting, Autumn Leaves, for example, looks like a scene out of a magazine, but it is actually inspired by an autumn sunset. The colors are vivid and she uses them well, as if trying to give form to a photograph. There are no special techniques or tools used, and each of her paintings looks as if it was done by someone who studied art.

Bragg takes a casual approach to her artwork, letting her emotions shine through. The result is work that is both inspired and realistic. Because it is from her own life, the subject matter is easy to relate to and it inspires artists to work harder. Janel Bragg brings a touch of spontaneity to the art world and makes you enjoy her works not only for their beauty, but also because you can see that she really felt what she was painting. Her paintings are truly worth viewing.

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