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The Real Reason Behind Famous Abstract Paintings

Famous Abstract Art paintings are very common in history. This type of art was introduced during the early part of the twentieth century. In fact, the famous abstract art became a way of expressing the feelings of many artists. Abstract art came from the artists desire to make works that were not bound by any visible visual references or expectations. Most of the first decades of the first world century were characterized by a great acceptance of abstract paintings.

The Abstract category of art is made up of pictures that have no recognizable features, shapes or forms. These pictures belong to the genre of “non-traditional”. The reason for this genre's non-conformity with traditional standards is that the artist must have free hand when creating a work of this type. An artist can express his/her feelings and ideas in this way. There are many famous artists who belongs to this genre.

Albert Bierstadt was a famous artist, who has expressed his feelings in this style. His works contain strong geometric abstraction, but also have rhyme and meter. Artistic shapes such as circles, cubes, rectangles and hyperbolae are found in almost all the paintings created by this artist. His style is characterized by strong color tones.

Another important and prominent figure from the early 20th century is the Swiss artist Salvador Dali. His paintings are characterized by forms, shapes and bright colors. Many of his pieces are called “”Famous Friends”” due to their popularity at the time. Among his most famous pieces are the untitled painting which represents a playful character from Dali's life, the painting entitled””The Stars Are Still Looking Up”” which portrays a beautiful scene from outer space, and his masterpiece, the “”arium”” which is considered to be one of the most realistic artworks ever made.

In the field of art, abstract expressionism is represented by artists such as Paul Moragne. He is best known for his paintings titled “”The Stars are Still Looking Up”” and he worked with a famous French painter, Pablo Picasso. Picasso is famous for his Cubism, which he introduced in his famous “Cubism and Gauge” which he created in collaboration with Paul Moragne. Both of them used primary colors to express their thoughts and create images from primary colors. This form of art was later used by MoMA in their sculpture garden.

Mark Rothko is another famous and influential artist, whose works are seen around the world. Rothko's style is characterized by bold primary colors, vibrant and lively geometric forms. Rothko's most famous piece is his painting named “”essions” which was inspired by the works of Van Gogh.

An example of abstract paintings that express feelings of longing or deep passion can be found in the work of Gauguin. The famous French impressionist painter, Gauguin was also a keen admirer of art movement. He was so enamored with this type of work that he actually began his career as an architect while studying art. He established a style in which he painted almost entirely in black and white, which was considered to be traditional for his time. However, after a few years of painting only black and white, he began to paint some color in his work and this is what led to his admiration for art movement and abstract paintings.

Another artist who is famous for his colorful paintings depicting people with amazing androgynous features is Kenneth Clark. His work is characterized by a sense of play in which the artist uses primary colors like red and green to express feelings of passion and desire, while blues, blacks, and white represent restfulness and tranquility. Clark was a major influential artist who lived and worked in New York City during the 1950s. His style of geometric abstraction was inspired by the works of composers like Edgard Duras and Pablo Picasso. Like Gauguin, Clark created mostly his works in full color and created a very pronounced use of blues and greens, which were a much desired hue in that era.

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