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What's So Trendy About Radenko Milak That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

With 365, the Kunsthalle Darmstadt is set to present the largest collection of Radenko Milak's to date. The series of 365 single Colour watercolors was created over a single day and night cycle throughout the entire year this year. Each piece represents a celestial event (radenko Milak). The colours are based on real astronomical objects.

The first quarter of the year has many single-colour paintings in the ” Galactic Ball” exhibition, which was created by Radenko Milak. The exhibition was meant to be a journey of all things unrepresentable in the sky, however, due to bad weather conditions it was cancelled. The remaining works will be shown at the Kunsthalle Darmstadt in September. The second half of the year will have more of the same, but with a more traditional style of Radenko Milak.

Another group that was a part of the ” Kazakhstan Space Shuttle Collection” was Bosnia, with an installation titled “Bosnia on the edge of infinity”. This work is focused on a landscape from the perspective of a floating plane. There are two bridges in the installation, and one bridge is suspended on a surface of infinite colours. The other bridge is at a angle so that it appears to be floating on air. The artwork will be showcased at the 67th Venice Biennale.

In June of this year the Kunsthalle Darmstadt is to display “The Art of the Black Sea”. The exhibition is centred around three areas: Architecture, Color and Black. It is intended to showcase the full potential of the talents of the raddoka, as well as those from other disciplines. Two guest artists from Belgrade, Croatia will also be participating. The work of both Milak and Unrepresented will feature here.

For those who haven't seen the award-winning film “The Artist”, there is a free screening at the Belgrade International Audio-visual Theatre from 8 July to mark the opening of the exhibition. The movie-makers behind the film are: Mila Kunuk, Christopher Yggdre and Filipina actress Andie de Leon. The exhibition is intended to celebrate the Bosnian's visual culture and to draw new artists into the field. Themes covered by the exhibition include a medley of forms, colours, textures, angles and forms.

In June the Kunsthalle Darmstadt is to host a special exhibition entitled “Bosnia on the Edge of Infinity” which will feature films from four different countries. Among the international visitors at the exhibition will be Croatian artist and comic book creator Milan Kundera, whose animated films deal with issues of identity, memory and immigration. And former Yugoslavia folk musician and political activist Slavoj Zizek, whose work focuses on the Bosnian war through a distinctive aesthetic lens.

Another artist to attend the Belgrade art festival is Filipina cartoonist Paco Rabanne, whose animated films, particularly ones focusing on issues of identity, have been exhibited at major exhibitions in the past. The festival is also host to a celebration of Croatian art called “Nazar Bonjovi ukulele”. On this day, folk musicians, dancers and artists from across the country will gather to perform traditional dances, songs and workshops. The event was established to honour the late singer and actor, Bonjovi. However, it has since become an annual event. The last opera cycle of Filipina vocalist and composer Alina Barraza was also put on in September, and she will be honored with a posthumous Ovation in October.

The radenko milak exhibition is not only about entertainment. It is also an opportunity for the artists to meet and greet one another. Visiting these exhibitions helps artists understand the Bosnian diaspora in a new light. The focus of the contemporary art of Serbia and Croatia is not so much on the latest trends, but more on the social issues that face ordinary citizens on a daily basis. The aim of the upcoming Belgrade and Kos options is to bring more attention to these issues and perhaps highlight them more in the coming year.

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