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You Should Experience New Trend In Hair Color At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why

Highlights are the newest trend in hair color, but this one is not like the others. Highlights are defined as the areas in your hair color which can be seen from your natural hair color. This means that the lighter areas will be more highlighted than the darker ones. You may have noticed that often when you are going to a party the highlights are on the crown area of your head. You can easily get highlights by bleaching or dying your hair, but this is the new trend in hair color and it is a lot more easy to achieve than you think.

If you are not blonde naturally then you are probably going to try to dye your hair pink. Now if you ask a person who is blonde, they will say no, because they will be proud of their natural color. But if you ask someone who has light blonde hair and who is trying to change it to blonde, they will tell you no because the blonde hair has made them turn their head pink. The only way to convince them is by showing them, with pictures, how beautiful they can look with the different haircuts. Let's see what color highlights you can achieve by using your highlights:

The first trend in pink highlights is the use of tangerine. Tangerine is a very light, pale orange. It is very pleasant and adds just the right touch to a summer hair style. You will find it very easy to maintain and you can have several different colors applied. The price for a nice batch of tangerine is low, so you should try it out this summer if you are not very fond of tangerine.

The second trend is the use of coral. If you have an olive or peach skin tone then this is a perfect color for you; it will look great on most people. Opal, another popular choice, is slightly darker and works well on both brunettes and blondes, but it's very difficult to maintain and keep up with.

The third trend in hair hues is the introduction of rainbow tones. These are made from a combination of blue-green, lavender and magenta hues. These are not as permanent as the other two, but it is the easiest to deal with. You can easily change the colors every day or as your hair color changes.

The fourth trend is the use of deeper colors. Deep purple is becoming a popular choice. It gives you a gorgeous, natural look without making your skin tone too dark. It's like wearing jewelry that matches your clothes. This is a fabulous option for those who are not used to wearing colors darker than their natural color, like brunettes, redheads and even blondes.

The fifth and newest trend is the use of pink highlights. Opals, onyx, and pearls are added with pink highlights for a very chic look. This is the perfect addition for those who don't want their skin tone to be an obstruction to their looks.

When you go out to get hair coloring done, make sure you know the latest trends. It's fun to try different colors and new trends. You might just find yourself liking something you never expected you would like. Just don't let anyone talk you into something you won't like. Have fun and stay in line with what's in.

A few new things happening in hair coloring right now are the use of neon pink highlights and pearl hair gems. Both are very pretty and can give your hair that youthful look you've always wanted. Pearl hair gems are quite unique because it is all natural and has no glitter or shine. The downside to them though, is they are quite expensive.

The fifth trend in hair colors that's hot right now is the use of ombride hair colors. Ombrides are thin, short strands that look great when they are streaked. They give you the same gorgeous look as naturally colored hair but without having to pay for real highlights. This is a great option if you're trying to get that perfect celebrity glam look but don't want to spend that much money.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the new trend in hair color ideas. If you're thinking of coloring your hair but don't know what to do, start with these two basic colors. They work just fine and won't break the bank. Good luck on getting that hot summer look!

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