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You Should Experience Simple Famous Paintings At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why

We all have those “Simple Famous Paintings” that catch our eye when we walk into a room. They have caught our attention, whether we consciously feel it or not. These works of art, by some, can be considered a milestone in the history of art, and one that most Americans can feel proud of. While these paintings do not necessarily strike us as being spectacular or incredibly artistically adept, their inherent simplicity in their composition is what makes them stand out. They are able to capture the heart and soul of those who see them, and in doing so, they allow us to appreciate them at a much deeper level.

One thing that can be said about the oil paintings of Vincent van Gogh, is that they are absolutely beautiful. His paintings are simply extraordinary. His work will easily fill your walls, and you will likely never tire of looking at them. This is why so many Americans have at least one of his oil painting in their home. Whether it be a simple famous paintings or a more complex and layered piece, such as The Starry Night, you are sure to love it.

If you happen to love simple famous paintings there are actually many artists out there that you can choose from. In fact, for every simple famous paintings that you have in your home, there are at least half a dozen other artists that can take that same painting and turn it into something that we would all love to have on our walls. Here are a few of the wonderful artists that are able to do this.

Jim Shore – This famous painter worked with famous painter, Edvard Munch and almost single-handedly revitalized the style of art that we know as Cubism. This was truly ground breaking work, and it's something that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. In fact, if you have not yet taken the time to check out some of Jim Shore's work, please kindly do so right away. He is an amazing artist and you will truly be amazed by what he has to offer. Please, don't delay… you should experience simple famous paintings at least once in your lifetime and here's why:

Eminence Degas – This artist has created some of the most famous paintings of all time, and some of them continue to sell today. His style is unique and wonderful, and anyone who has ever seen one of his works will say that it is so very beautiful. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing one of his pieces, please kindly do so as soon as you can, as they are out there and becoming collector's items like crazy right now. If you've already had the pleasure of seeing one of Eminence's amazing works, please kindly go back and forth between your computer and your bookshelf as soon as possible, because there are more to come.

Altarpiece by Pablo Picasso – This famous painter and artist brought many of our modern ideas of what a painting could possibly look like to reality, and he did it with paintings as well as other artistic masterpieces. The “Cubism” style that he used is still used today, and anyone who has ever seen a genuine Picasso altarpiece (or even a reproduction) will say that it is simply incredible. Altarpiece by Pablo Picasso will astound you just as much as any other painting by Picasso. Just in case you didn't already know, a altarpiece by Pablo Picasso is simply an enormous oversized canvas, sometimes measuring in length as large as several hundred square feet, that includes space around all of the artist's famous Monet paintings that adorn it.

Ghent Altarpiece by Willem Dafoe – If you love European art and you have a keen interest in European art, please do not miss this Ghent altarpiece by Willem Dafoe! Willem Dafoe was a master illustrator and painter, and he illustrated some of the most famous and important Monet paintings during the Belle Mare period of French art in the 1800s. The Ghent Altarpiece by Dafoe also comes from that era, and it also displays some of Dafoe's greatest artwork. The amazing thing about this particular altarpiece is that Dafoe actually used two different pictures to create this masterpiece. You can see a section of one of the largest paintings that Dafoe created, and then you will also see another part of this huge painting that is exactly the right size for your entire canvas!

Altar to the Virgin of Louvain by Baptiste Duvetier – This beautiful painting is a reproduction of an original by Baptiste duvetier, which is one of the most highly respected and sought after painters of the late Romantic Period. When you buy a genuine Baptiste Duvetier Altar to the Virgin of Louvain from an art shop or online gallery, you will find that it is made out of a luxurious material that will not crack or fade over time. You will also find that the colors of this painting are extremely rich and the details of the image are exceptionally clear and vibrant. You will love the way this painting looks when you first look at it, and you will love it even more once you have seen it. The colors in this painting are so deep and rich, and there are such amazing detail. This is one of the best examples of a ghent altarpiece that can be hung on your wall in order to bring life to the space around it!

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