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6 Things That You Never Expect On What Season Am I

What Season Am I in? It is a question that has plagued every person at one time or another. What Season Am I in? You probably have thought this question to yourself and perhaps asked it a dozen times while out and about or at home. For those who are lucky enough to live near the ocean, the answer may be different as the seasons each year do tend to vary.

The question “what season am I in?” is much easier to answer when you know what season you are currently living in. Most people know how their seasons start and end, so if you ask them, Am I in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter or Late Fall, they will be able to give you the correct answer most of the time. But what about the other two seasons? How do they relate to your personal feel of the seasons? What seasons am I in?

If you are living in the North Central United States, you are in the transition between the fall and winter. From late fall to early spring, you are experiencing what is known as the Panic or Yawning Season. This is the time of year when everyone is coming out of their homes, stores are being crowded, and the air is filled with the aromas of cooking and baking. For most of us, these are good times and these are the best times to catch up on any work that must be done before winter settles in.

Those of us who live in colder climates experience what is commonly referred to as the Winter season. While Spring is our new Spring, Summer is known as Summer, while the Late Season or Fall is often referred to as Winter. So, if you ask the question, Am I in any of these seasons, you will get a definitive answer. And it is important to understand what season you are in, because each season has its own set of seasonal colors.

There are five basic color palettes we all belong to. These are Warm colors such as Yellow, Orange, Red and Green; Cool colors including Blue, Violet and Purple; Subtractive colors such as Black and Grey; and Pale colors including Brown and Pale. With this information it should not be too difficult to understand your own color palette.

Now onto more practical questions such as Am I in Winter, Summer or Autumn? Well, the colors of the color palette we are representing strongly reflect our emotions. If you are feeling down, you would be happy and if you are feeling excited you would be proud. An autumn person would be full of energy, while a spring or summer loving person would be in a mellow mood.

The colors of the color palette are also very indicative of our feelings. If we are sad or upswing we will be Pink. If we are uplifting or in high spirits we will be Yellow or Orange. The spring and summer are a little trickier, as there are no specific color corresponding directly to those seasons, but the general color palette of Spring and Summer is Pink, Yellow and Orange, while the fall brings us back to Green, Violet and Blue.

This is a brief description of your own personal color palette. However it gives you a good starting place for further investigation. So as you enter the different stages of life you can ask your friends and family, the TV color consultant or the weather woman which colors they think suit you best. Or you could get on an online color analysis quiz, where you can find out exactly what colors your personality is most associated with.

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