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7 Facts You Never Knew About Leather Paint For Shoes National Bookstore

One of the things I am most excited about, is learning about the leather paint for shoes national bookstore. I have seen this book in the local store and it looks really cool. The author of the book is Brittany Maynard who has created a series of different books about shoe maintenance. She has a website that I would like to go over a bit. Here are 7 facts you never knew about leather paint for shoes.

One fact I can tell you about is the fact that leather requires a bit more maintenance than fabric. In fact you will need to use two coats of paint. One on the top of the shoe and one on the bottom. This is because leather is a thinner material and does not bond as well with the use of a top coat of paint. This is especially important if you are painting a big shoe such as a size 10.

Another fact that you will want to be aware of is that leather is slightly more difficult to clean than fabric. You will need to make sure that you have a stiff brush to get the stain out. You should also use conditioner to get any residual dirt out of the shoes. Just make sure you do not use any soap or detergent.

One other thing that you may not know is that you can buy shoes at your local shoe store in different colors. You can find shoes that have been painted with different colors including, pink, yellow, red, polka dots, etc. You can also buy shoes in solid colors. Make sure you look at the size of the shoe closely so you get the correct color.

Now let's talk about how to apply the paint to your shoes. To start, it is important to take off all of the old paint from the shoe. Once you have taken it off, you will notice that the shoe is dry. The next step is to remove the old paint from the shoe. You can either use a cloth to do this or an alcohol pad.

Make sure that you are using an alcohol pad because alcohol is a better substance for wiping the paint off of the leather. Then you will want to dampen a clean sponge with rubbing alcohol and apply it to the leather. Rub the sponge all around the inside and outside of the shoe. Do not worry about getting the color on the surface because it is supposed to adhere to the leather. If there is any color on the surface of the shoe, then you may want to add some more coats of paint to fix that problem.

Once you have applied all of the color coats of paint, you will then want to make sure that you allow it time to dry. For each coat of color, let it dry about 24 hours before you put on another one. If you do not allow the leather to air dry completely, you will end up with water stains. If you are going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, make sure that you apply conditioner to the leather. This will help to keep your leather nice and soft for a longer period of time.

When you have finished painting your shoes, you will want to allow them to dry. To do this, you can walk around in them for a few minutes or you can sit under a carport. You will also want to apply a protective coat of leather conditioner to help preserve the color and protect your shoes. Before you go out in your shoes, you should apply a sunscreen for protection against the rain.

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