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7 Ideas To Organize Your Own Van Ruiz Oil Painting

In his oil painting, Van Ruiz highlights the figure of the young woman in a passionate pose against a background of lush, exotic garden scenery. To make this picture a true work of art, he has added an intense, mystic element to it. This is because he was inspired by the work of the Spanish artist, Hernani Garcia Mar, whom he had worked with previously. He used her style and techniques in recreating her famous work.

Unlike many of the painters from his native Spain, van Ruiz did not begin studying art until he was well into his forties. But even then, he showed a profound knowledge of painting, drawing, and architecture, and this led him to become a favorite amongst artists in the Barcelona region. He established his own studio in La Boca inede, where he lived for the last twenty years of his life. He loved nature and the countryside, so much so that he wanted to die in a place where he could spend his final days surrounded by his beloved work.

The painter's technical aptitude for the medium and his inherent artistic sense enabled him to develop a number of highly successful paintings during his career as an acclaimed artist. Many of his works, including The Battle at Verde Beach (1908), were produced while he was still a student of the famous artist, Jaume Plensch. Another major breakthrough came when he decided to devote all his energy to painting instead of pursuing an academic career.

Van Ruiz did not limit his attention to painting to conventional themes such as nature and landscapes. Instead, he often took on abstract subjects and themes. One of the most fascinating of these was the series of twelve pictures entitled The Twelve Gates of the Earth (1912). These works, which he began when he was still a student of the avant-garde artist, Camille Desgrilles, are notable for their ability to evoke an impressive depth of feeling in the viewer. It is apparent from the work that Van Ruiz's adeptness for painting abstract images had become fully absorbed into his own psyche.

When he began to paint The Twelve Gates, he used traditional mediums such as watercolors and oils to underline the magnificent effect of the landscape. Although there is no information available about how he began this project, it can be assumed that he experimented with various media prior to arriving at his final theme. In fact, he used eleven different media in the preparatory phase of his work. Among these, he used different coloured pastels, watercolours, chalks, graphite, charcoal, and natural stone.

It is evident from the preparatory painting that Van Ruiz was familiar with the mediums used by artists such as Jean Paul Raultier and Georges Braque. As a result, he incorporated elements of these styles into his own paintings. For instance, the choice of colours for his water colours was influenced by the colours used in Raultier's painting The Anatomy of Flowers. The use of different brush strokes and angles were also common among the works of Van Ruiz. Such adeptness in the application of tools and the incorporation of styles show that his paintings had the same qualities of native art as well as an innovative flair for painting.

One of the most striking aspects of The Twelve Gates of Laga is the similarity of the USA shaman's trance and the painting of Van Ruiz. A close examination of the background colours reveals that they are the same as those of the dream state. Similarly, the tribal adeptness of Van Ruiz's palette of oranges, reds, yellows, and blues found in The Anatomy of Flowers confirms that this was an inspired work by a Native American.

Rubell's own work bears strong resemblance to The Anatomy of Flowers. Some of the brush strokes and shadows in the latter's paintings evoke the brushwork of Rubell, while the same techniques are used in the former's paintings of nature scenes from The Twelve Gates of Laga. However, there are differences in their style. While the colours used in Rubell's work are more brilliant and vibrant, and more distinguishable, the style of the paintings done by Van Ruiz is much more restrained and muted. Both artists' paintings speak to their individual artistic sensibilities but the true distinction lies in their ability to bring these artistic inspirations to life through their mastery of their brush, their suppleness, and their uncanny ability to translate their images onto the canvas.

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