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7 Lessons I've Learned From Oil Conservation Towards Healthy And Better Environment Best Drawing

Oil conservation is the primary concern of most people around the world today. Due to reasons like climatic change, depletion of non-renewable resources and pollution, there is an increasing need for oil. Oil is primarily used in cars, planes, trucks, machinery, industry, shipping, road building, agriculture, geology, etc. Since ancient times, humans have relied on the valuable natural resources available in the earth's crust to meet their basic needs. Hence, the following article presents some of the advantages and disadvantages of using oil in electricity or fuel generation and other solutions and alternatives for oil conservation towards better and healthier environment.

One of the main advantages for human beings is the use of oil for various energy-generating purposes. Due to this, oil conservation towards healthy environment is very important for all of us. We need oil to satisfy our needs in industry, transportation, agriculture, geology, medicine etc. The use of oil resources in these sectors can not be replaced by any other alternative. Therefore, the world is actually dependent upon the petroleum resources which are being used up by millions of people across the globe.

Learned From Oil Conservation Towards Healthy

The second major advantage for using oil is that it is a widely-used energy source which can be easily available. Unlike oil which is a petroleum resource, there is an abundant oil source in the form of natural gas which we can easily utilize for all our energy requirements. This means that there would be no problem about the shortage of oil if we will start using alternative fuel. In addition, the rising price of oil can be controlled as there are many players in the market including the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others which are all competing for its market. This gives us an opportunity to get what we want at a reasonable price in the market.

Moreover, oil conservation towards healthy and cleaner environment is a major issue around the world today. The alarming phenomenon of global warming has made us realize the importance of saving oil. We need to find out new ways to produce oil at less cost to avoid depleting its stocks and prevent further pollution which can cause many disastrous things. Therefore, the oil companies should be encouraged to explore the unconventional methods for producing oil which is more environmentally friendly. The use of bio-gas method can be one such example.

Solar energy is also another great alternative for oil conservation towards healthy environment and better economy. It is highly feasible to convert light energy into electrical energy with the help of solar technology. Moreover, the price of oil can be greatly reduced if we can make use of the captured solar energy and can make use of it to generate electricity to power our homes. Moreover, using of such methods for oil conservation will also help to minimize the depletion of petroleum resources.

Another effective oil conservation method is carbon dioxide neutralizing measures. The excessive manufacture of petroleum by the countries like USA, China and some other developing countries is seriously disturbing the balance of nature as the ozone layer is being damaged due to increased production of petroleum and other fuels. The excessive production of petroleum is result of increase in the number of vehicles on the road which are emitting high amounts of carbon dioxide.

There are also many oil conservation measures like proper utilization of existing stocks for fuel and finding alternate sources for fuel. Producers of fuels should be encouraged to find alternative means for obtaining oil which is both affordable and safe. The efforts made by the governments of various countries in the form of tax and regulation can help them to conserve oil stocks so that their national currencies remain strong. This can ultimately help them in achieving healthy and better environment and can contribute greatly to achieving a better economy. The use of renewable sources of energy like the wind and solar power can significantly contribute in the efforts for achieving oil conservation towards healthy and safer environment.

The excessive use of petroleum and its effects on the environment have forced governments to initiate serious actions for minimizing this negative phenomenon in day to day life. These efforts are resulted in having more fuel consumption with less pollution in the process. Proper awareness in the educational level, media publicity and better enforcement against fuel consumption can reduce the negative impacts of oil conservation towards healthy and cleaner environment. We can easily achieve our goals for healthy and cleaner environment by making the right choices at the time of oil conservation towards healthy and cleaner environment.