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7 Things About Grass Is Greener You Have To Experience It Yourself

Grass is usually greener; you know that. You see it growing all over your lawn and garden, and you tend to smile at the sight. But is it really? Well, no, not necessarily. While it certainly s not a officially designated psychological disorder, grass is sometimes greener syndrome, and because of this you can find yourself constantly focusing on the bad and being distracted by the good.

For me, I have found that my current relationship with my personal lawn and garden has been slowly getting worse, rather than better. Noticing that things aren't exactly going well, I started to research what “good enough” really means, and what exactly “being good enough” means. Turns out, grass is not always greener, but following these simple tips can help you reclaim your life and your yard, which is inevitably green. Because after all, who says grass is always good enough?

Let's start with the obvious acknowledging that you have a problem. Yes, knowing that your grass is not always greener can feel like the first big jump in a long downward spiral. Once you admit you have an issue, there are two things that usually happen. Either you find a solution, or you grow further away from your potential. Here's why:

The First Step: You will need to look for the root cause of the problem, whether its financial, environmental or emotional. Once you have identified the source, you have two options: You can either do something about it now to make changes that will improve the situation in the short term, or you can allow the situation to get worse, and deal with the problems later, perhaps as late as 20 years from now. In most cases, the former is preferable to the latter. This is an idiom that applies no matter what type of environment you live in: A greener world means greener grass.

Step Two: From your research, you should have learned that different types of grass have different needs and require different management techniques to keep them healthy. This knowledge will lead to valuable insights about your own relationship with the environment and your particular relationship with nature. What type of actions can you take today that will positively impact your relationship to nature? Knowing how you interact with nature is key to preserving and maintaining a healthy environment for us all.

Step Three: With this new information about your relationship to the environment and nature in mind, what type of changes can you make that will positively affect your relationship to grass? Beyond simply recognizing that the grass is greener on the other side, what additional actions can you take to create a greener lawn? This is the third step that ties into the second step. You must consider what has already been done and consider whether it is making your lawn healthier. It is possible to go back and take care of harmful practices that may be harming the grass or to use non-chemical methods that still preserve the grass's health and beauty.

Step Four: If the previous steps identify that your lawns are indeed greener than they could ever be, what other steps should you take? The fourth step identifies the need to think about whether your lawn is good enough for you. Whether your grass is good enough for you depends largely on how you define a good lawn. While some people would say that a completely green lawn is good enough, others would say that a lawn that looks pretty good and is healthy but does not necessarily get the traffic or foot traffic that one would desire is not good enough.

Step Five: Recognize that there are better ways to make your grass healthier. The sixth step identifies whether your grass is always greener on the other side. This is an issue of personal preference as some people prefer grass that is perpetually green while other people feel that constant browning is simply not attractive. In this case, it would be a matter of personal choice as well as your commitment to keeping your grass looking its best. No matter what your decision is, if you want to have a healthy lawn that is beautiful and worth watching, then you will have to do something different.

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