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8 Mind Numbing Facts About Greatest Painters Of All Time Majnu

My three year old son loves to watch me paint. The only problem I face when I have a painting to do is what to paint. Usually it is either Majnu, the Hindu god of wealth or elephants. This is usually easy since most kids love both of these subjects. But what about for my fourth favorite painter; Donald Trump.

Being the self-proclaimed master of negotiation, I am forced to agree with my son that it is indeed a good thing that we are able to enjoy this hobby together. Majnu's portfolio is indeed impressive. From the bright colors to the intricate carvings, it really looks like he took quite some time creating each one. The biggest challenge I find in his work, however, is the fact that sometimes I can't tell what is exactly what. It gets so frustrating.

In one particular piece he used a ton of white and black mixed together. I thought it was just part of his overall composition until I saw how he painted the background. With a dark and dull colored ground, he created this magnificent scene with two light poles sticking vertically into the ground. It looks like the pebbles are floating in the air.

I don't know what it is about Majnu that gets me so worked up. Is it his style, his ability to use color to great effect, his eye for detail or maybe it's all to do with his status as an artist. Whatever it is, I simply adore the artwork.

Another Majnu favorite is of course El Greco; the famous painter of ancient Italy. When I did a Google search for his works, I was dismayed by the bland images that popped up; at least they were not my favorite. It seems that every artist creates his own version of El Greco. Most of his paintings portray him as some sort of spiritual king, surrounded by angels.

A bit more into the spiritual aspect, you'll find that Jim Morrison was also a master of the surreal. An Australian horror rocker who has influenced everyone from Bob Marley to Nirvana, he has a unique brand of chaos and beauty to his work. His paintings are almost indestructible; in fact, one of my favorite pieces of artwork is a Jim Morrison coffee table cover.

When I was younger, I had no idea who Marley was, or what he was doing. I had my first exposure to his work when I saw him live. I was mesmerized by his face; the lighting on his stage and the way he played his guitar. I have seen all of his albums and all of his live shows; some were amazing. I don't think he did much music like the masters did; he played mostly songs written by himself. But whatever he did, he put it into beautiful music that will be remembered forever.

The next time you see him perform live, see if you get excited just by his presence. It is definitely an experience you will never forget. If you haven't seen him perform before, now is the time; you can find out for yourself what you've been missing.

Anybody who knows me personally has seen my passion for life and color awakened in me over the years. So when I started doing “Mandala Art” two years ago, it was an exciting time in my life. I fell in love with the painting the very first time I saw it. I bought several copies of it. And finally just purchased a large oil painting of it.

My favorite thing about this painting is that Majnu has a baby in the painting, right in the center. He called it his daughter; he named her Lily. The size of the baby compared to his size in the painting makes me think that he was a really good dad. The other interesting things about this painting is that the mother, or Lily, is holding a coin. She is looking at the back of her head in the upper left corner of the painting. That is a common shape for coins to rest on during a meditation session.

Now then, after seeing this painting I realized that I needed a new meditation practice because I was feeling really tired and run-down. What else would I need? This is what I came up with: A Majnu prayer circle. And I started using it again for the past few weeks.

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