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Acrylic Painting Landscape Pictures

Acrylic paintings of The Seaway and St. Croix by artist Donna Tessar are joined this week by the new “Frog and the Fish” acrylic painting series. Donna Tessar, a freelance journalist and writer, gets her inspiration from nature. She is originally from the small town of Waverly, Maine and has much taken interest in both the ocean and its creatures. She has worked with Maine artists such as Bill Keene, Laura LeMay, Ray White, and Peter Davis to produce many fine acrylic paintings.

Her mother, Louella, who lives in Washington State, has often visited the Seaway in Maine. Seeing it there has inspired many of her paintings. She found it so calming and beautiful that she assumed her favorite subjects would inspire her latest endeavor. That's what happened when she found two Seaways on sale near her home. In her excitement, she purchased each painting, but instead of becoming another piece of clutter in her kitchen, she decided to join the “Frog and the Fish” acrylic painting group.

The “Frog and the Fish” is now part of a life-size acrylic painting group called, “The Artisans of New England”. This group is made up of a group of volunteers who bring their love of the ocean to bear on each other's artwork. They meet every Friday evening at a private residence in Portland, Maine. Here they discuss life, death, nature, music, books and more. Each painting represents a small segment of that life, and the stories behind them. These volunteers have come to realize that art is not about being a master of some invisible art world, but rather that one can be an artist in the real world, sharing the joys and experiences of everyday life with others.

The “Frog and the Fish” is a wonderful example of the power of acrylic painting. The strength of this medium allows these artists to capture the true beauty of the natural world through the medium of water. The paintings are a celebration of life in all its natural splendor. They are meant to be enjoyed, felt, and shared.

Acrylic painting is a natural extension of our visual and physical consciousness. We live in a world where everything is either seen in an image. We look at abstract landscape pictures and feel the tranquil serenity that is there beneath the surface. As we see abstract landscape paintings in person, we often feel a similar sense of peace. Perhaps what makes acrylic paintings special is that they provide the opportunity to experience a bit of the natural magic that lives there, if only in the mind.

Some of the subjects that can be depicted in an acrylic painting are flowers and nature scenes. Nature is a powerful force and abstracts are a way of highlighting its effect on our lives. An acrylic painting may also represent a period in history, such as a cave painting or a historical monument. It can portray a particular place or landmark that has symbolic importance for the viewer. The painting becomes both a work of art and a means of storytelling.

There are various reasons why a painting of this type may appeal to you. If you are an artist, it may offer you the chance to express your creativity in a new way. An investment in an oil painting will allow you to express yourself creatively in a more economical medium. For a family room or bedroom, an acrylic painting offers timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion.

Whatever your motivation for buying an acrylic painting, you are sure to find one that inspires you. The possibilities for landscape pictures are endless. There are beautiful landscapes that span across continents, cities that are split into different districts and countryside that melds together in perfect harmony. Acrylic paintings are more than a novelty item, they are works of art that offer you inspiration and purpose.

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