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DevianArt is an American network-based online art community based on photography, videography, and art, subsidiary of the Israeli company Wix. It was launched in August 2021 by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, and others. At its inception, the site had over forty thousand registered users and was gaining momentum by the day. The site, which is still in operation today, features art from a variety of artists, from all over the world. The site started out focusing mainly on photography and has evolved into a multimedia art site with regular videographic and photographic content.

In 2021, however, the site began to carry video content. This helped to increase membership and keep the members interested. Today, it is one of the most popular art and culture websites on the internet. It enjoys high page ranks in various search engines. It is also home to a number of blogs, which are run by members.

The website contains many galleries, which are organized by category. These include Children's Art, Alternative, Classical, Contemporary, Cultural Awareness, Figurative, Fine Arts, Holidays, Music, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Specialty, Sport, Television and Visual Arts. The number of images in each category varies and the viewers can enjoy access to a large selection of art works from all over the world. There are also some exceptional photographic pieces, which have been uploaded by members.

A number of forums are present on the site. Members can post questions and seek advice. Chat rooms are available to help you out in your discussions. Some of them are moderated, while others are not. There is also an archive section, where you can find past issues and other musings of Devian Art lovers.

The artist's blog is a great place to go if you are interested in buying original art from Devian Art. It features articles written by Devians. They share their feelings and also give tips on how to buy art from them. There is a message board on which people can chat with other artists. Messages can be posted on the blog for general comments, queries or for selling art.

Many of the pieces on sale on the site are replicas. This is a common feature of many artists. However, there are many fine art pieces whose prices are quite high. They are sold as works of art, which can be ordered by contacting the seller directly.

If you are wondering about prices, here is a handy guide. Original paintings start at $1000, while reproductions cost much lower. If you are looking for a painting with a story behind it, then you might want to consider an oil painting of a real person. If you are into architecture, then a watercolor painting will grab your attention. If you like ancient traditions, then a modern work will do you justice.

All original art is available for purchase. The website also has a list of available pieces. Some of these pieces have never been sold anywhere else before. However, most of them have already sold many times. So, whether you are looking for a new piece of original art or simply want to check out what is on offer, the website is worth visiting. Even if it is just to enjoy the visual pleasure it offers, you will surely appreciate it.

Some of the most common paintings include The Face in the Coat of a Pea, A Siam Flower and Devian Art. These paintings are based on mythical themes. There is also a table of contents, which lists all the artists who contributed to this project. It contains also information about each artist's life and works. If you are not aware of their names, then you can just search using these names.

The website gives you more than 100 pieces of art in various categories. This includes The Body and Mind of God, Landscape with Figures, Flowers and Fruits in Wintertime, Sun and Sky at Hong Kong, Watercolour: The Tears of Saint John, Landscape with Figures, A Woman at the River Adder, The Face in the Coat of a Pea, Sun and Sky at Hong Kong, The Body and Mind of God, Landscape with Figures, A Woman at the River Adder, Sun and Sky at Hong Kong, A Pea in the Pod and Sun and Sky at Hong Kong. There are also works from China, Middle East and West Africa. These are also accompanied with an Introduction to Devian Art by Professoressors Chow Wing-keung.

Some of the Devian artists are Winnie Chan Tse, Zong Xian and CY Le. All these artists have won many awards and have exerted a tremendous influence on the art world. This art is called “Shanghai Viennese”. It is very difficult to find out about this art in the west. You will need to visit China to see it for yourself. Even though you cannot get a glimpse of the art in China, it will be an interesting visit.

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