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Five Quick Tips For Angie Crabtree

Angie Crabtree is an acclaimed artist whose works frequently appear in exhibits and online galleries. Her bold paintings often incorporate an iconic city or landmark such as the Eiffel Tower or the Walk of Life in Paris. Her recent pieces were previously showcased in private collections, art shows and charity auctions. And each of those works is an “installation” in and of itself. In fact, each of her new paintings is part of a larger work, each of which is part of a series.

The subject matter of the latest of these installations, titled “The Hunt for Modern Day Relics,” is an exploration of the female mind, and specifically, of what it means to be a woman. In these paintings, crabtree combines the careful visual style of Edvard Munch and the romantic sensuality of Gauguin and Madalyn LaGraudur. The results are powerful and moving. They are almost breathtaking. They have been greeted with both praise and reverence by many art critics and art enthusiasts.

Angie Crabtree was inspired to create these portraits-with which she associates-by an accident on a hike in Washington State when she was struck by a large cluster of mushrooms. This inspired her to take a long and dangerous look at the life we lead. She then embarked on a rigorous study of the human mind, and how we use it to manipulate reality, and thus, the possibilities for our lives. One of the first paintings that captures this theme is entitled “The Hunt for Modern Day Relics.” In this installation, crabtree has chosen to spotlight various precious gemstones as well as other objects that represent the various phases of her life.

The painting consists of crabs crawling along the shoreline, searching for shellfish. They gently pick up the gems with their claws, much like musicians select musical instruments. At the base of the painting, you will find a cluster of tightly packed black diamonds. These are the result of the black marine algae that forms at the base of many sea shells. According to Crabtree, “I found that the black dots were clusters of tiny diamonds.”

The pink seashells that are included along with the diamonds, are part of Crabtree's longstanding fascination with the nautical theme. In a number of her paintings, she has included lighthouses, compass rose, and stars. The black marine algae, or Chlorophyll, that is featured along with the diamonds creates a nautical atmosphere. The pink seashells and the stars are incorporated with a beautiful blue sea, and the lighthouses and compass rose help to further emphasize the theme of love and the sea.

In her paintings, angie crabtree presents a variety of ideas and concepts in a simple but exciting style. Many of her paintings have wide-ranging influences and themes, ranging from ancient Egyptian mythology, to religious icons, to romantic subjects. Her paintings contain an originality that is not commonly found in modern day relics. Her paintings also contain a unique sensuality, and a charming simplicity that makes them a joy to gaze upon.

Her paintings of sea life are breathtaking, and display a rare quality of tenderness. This is one aspect of her work that makes her stand apart from other tattoo artists. The majority of the images in her instagram gallery have been widely shared, and have thousands of followers. The images show crablike creatures swimming by light, fish swinging gently, crabs resting on rockers, and hearts encircling floral petals. Most of the crabs in the instagram images are from her popular instagram collection, featuring cute little brown sugar gliders in various poses.

As you can see, all of the colors that you see in her instagram collection were born out of an inspiration for painting. Whether you are looking for a more traditional style of tribal tattoo, or a more contemporary style of crayon painted figure, you will find it in the work of Angie Crabtree. Tattoos are forever, and while many people choose to get new ink, others choose to preserve their old and trusted ink. If you would like to preserve your tribal ink, then follow the lead of an artist such as Angie Crabtree, who loves bright colors, and is passionate about preserving her art.

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