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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go To Flame Tree At Sunset On Manila Bay On Your Own

The Flame Tree is a unique and interesting piece of art work that is located in the center of Manila Bay. It is a palm tree, which takes its name from its unique yellowish blooming flowers that open up during the evening and bloom for an entire month out of June. The flowers usually bloom in shades of green but other colors are also used depending on the season.

Located near the Binondo Hills, it is a rare specimen palm tree. It has only two thousand known leaves and is hence far rarer than most other palm trees. It was planted by American Dr. WILLIAM SMITH who is also the one of the inventors of the Frost-Free Popcorn. Its very unusual blooming time of four months only during the year has made it a sought after commodity among people all over the world.

It can be seen from different places as it is situated so high up on the palm tree. From the air it is not easy to spot it. It is only during the night hours when these flowers open and blow out their yellow and red petals which can be seen sparkling in the night air. They have gained much popularity because of its unusual usage and the fact that it has been used for holding candle parties during nights.

One of the main reasons why the flame tree has become such a popular decoration during weddings is the fact that it is relatively cheap compared to other types of palm trees. It is also eco-friendly, unlike other decorations that involve burning candles or incense. This is one reason why the use of the Flame Tree is widely accepted especially on events like the Manila Climate Day. The Manila Bay has been noted for its long summer and the sun sets just at the same time every day which makes it perfect for using the flame tree.

The uniqueness of this palm tree has made it very popular in terms of its decoration. It has also gained a lot of fans and followers especially from those living in the city. Its uniqueness makes it perfect to be used as an alternative to other types of tree decorations. Most of the events hosted by the government, the churches and other establishments around the Manila Bay include a canopy to shade people from the glaring sunlight. Yet, the Manila climate makes this impossible for many people to enjoy the natural beauty of the bay. For them, it is more practical to use something that they can bring with them which is the palm tree.

During sunset on Manila Bay, it will be very wise to place the flame tree right by the pulpit. This tree can be placed next to the pulpit where it will provide shade to those standing on the ground under it. However, there are cases where too many palms are placed in front of the tree and the result is that it blocks the rays of the sun. It is highly recommended to place only a few palm trees in an area to ensure that the entire effect of the event is not ruined. In terms of size, it can be placed anywhere from six to ten meters away from the main stage.

There is also another good reason why placing a flame palm tree is vital during the Manila Bay celebration. When the event is held outdoors, it provides a great venue for family and friends who come from far places. They can just relax and enjoy the ambiance of the occasion while marveling at the beautifully adorned flame on the palm tree. Moreover, they can also get some cooking jobs from the crowd when they place their cooking equipment near the tree.

A great number of hotels, restaurants and other establishments around the bay are going to use the palm tree as an element of decoration on the main stage of the event. However, there are cases when the Manila Zoo and other wildlife sanctuaries which are located in other areas of the Philippines are also going to place a tree in strategic positions to enhance the whole atmosphere of the event. All these trees will be placed some meters away from the main event area so that people can have a natural experience while watching the celebration.

Fernando Amorsolo – Flame Tree at Sunset on Manila Bay 5 – Flame Tree Sunset On Manila Bay | Flame Tree Sunset On Manila Bay

Fernando Amorsolo Flame Tree in Blossom (5) MutualArt – Flame Tree Sunset On Manila Bay | Flame Tree Sunset On Manila Bay

Fernando Amorsolo Flame Tree at Sunset on Manila Bay (5 – Flame Tree Sunset On Manila Bay | Flame Tree Sunset On Manila Bay