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Five Reliable Sources To Learn About Iwona Jankowski

IWona Jankowski is the latest artist to join the ranks of the New York arts scene and she is based in Brooklyn, New York. Her beautiful paintings are done in the eerie, Gothic style and have a fantastic abstract background to them. Her subjects include ancient Roman columns, woodcarvings, and skulls but she also incorporates elements such as watercolor, leis, mushrooms, and even batik. Her paintings have the ability to grab your attention and make you feel as though you are in the picture as it was taken in another time. Her fresh style of painting makes each piece different as well.

IWona Jankowski's works are done mostly in acrylic paints, mixed with oils and water color. This gives her the ability to manipulate her subjects with extreme intricacy giving you every last detail. This artist likes to make her subjects appear as if they are still alive while retaining the essence of the dead. She uses the past in order to present the present and the future through her abstract style. In other words, she brings you into the moment.

It was actually Iwna Jankowski's uncle who discovered the beauty of the Colosseum that inspired her to find her own unique style and this discovery lead her to develop this wonderful skill. Iwna started to paint horses at age twelve after she was told by her uncle about the beautiful colosseums in Rome. This was followed by her passion for all things Italian, specifically the horses. She was so infatuated by these beautiful creatures she would spend hours just looking at them.

Her first works were made with oils and she began to get really good at it. Later on she moved on to paints with watercolors and then finally to oils and was able to complete her first major painting which was entitled The Roman Horse. It is described as a realistic portrait of a horse. It was displayed in the Musee Cariba in Turin, Italy in 1992. Since then she has gone on to make more fine art paintings and designs in her own style and she has also travelled to many countries to do so.

If you want to know more about Iwna Jankowski and what she has to say about life you might want to read the stories of her past and the simple friendship she shares with many people. What you will see is a woman who knows how to trust her fellow human being. There is a reason why she has so much respect for them. She says that we should always be thankful to those who have shown kindness to us and she loves what she does because it brings people together. You can expect anything from Iwna Jankowski and her simple, vivid shadow art.

This artist says that there is an ongoing need to connect with horses in our modern world and that we all need a reminder of our youth. In her words there is a need to keep looking for joy in simple things such as the equine art she creates. In one of her recent paintings she said she tries to find the timeless quality in everything. “We need to keep looking for joy in a world full of stress and pollution,” she said. She believes we should have something in common, a desire to keep our youth alive.

If you want to feel every fiber of your being when you look at Iwna Jankowski art you must also try to find her work. You cannot miss out on the fantastic beauty of horses that she depicts in all of her work. It might even be a good idea to start buying pieces yourself. They are well worth the investment. While you are at it you might want to check out some of the other works by this talented artist too.

Her ability to create such realistic horses is quite astounding and it makes you want to see more from her. There is so much to like about this artist and her work, especially in her first works. Her vivid shadow and brush strokes make you want to stop and take notice. If you are looking for ways to add life and joy to your home or office then you should definitely add these fantastic pieces by Iwna Jankowski. If you could feel every muscle in your body when you gaze upon these horses then you too would probably want to buy some of her work.

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