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Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Light Brown Hair

A light brown hair colour is often thought of as a blond colour which is a very pale shade of brown and a pale shade of an ash brown. Blonde hair colour is lighter than most brown hair colours and tends to be more brittle than brown. A blonde or brunette colouring can look stunning with dark hair, but if you have light brown hair you may struggle to pull off blonde, especially when going for that natural look. It is best to go for a blonde once your brown is graduated, if only to give your hair the illusion of a much richer colour. You may think you don't need a blonde after all, but this is a mistake you will quickly regret.

If you do decide to get a blonde, there are several options available. The first choice would be to go for a longer cut with a little more texture. Brown hair with lots of body is great – it looks rich, feminine and sexy! If you want light brown hair with a hint of dark, then consider the following styles –

If you have light brown hair and would like highlights, then why not try adding some highlights to your hair? Highlights work well with dark hair colors, and if you are lucky enough to have naturally dark brown hair you will be able to avoid highlights altogether by dying your own hair. However if your hair is grey or black you probably won't want to add any highlights to your hair. If you have light brown hair and want some highlights, you will need to find a salon that offers hair colour ideas. Most salons will have some great ideas on how to do highlights on your own.

One cool tones you could try are a blend of blonde, grey and brown. This look is cool both for daytime and nighttime. Most famous brown-haired celebrities are brown haired and this look is getting more popular than ever. Celebrity Hairstyles for light brown hair says hairstylist at the moment include waves and curls. However if you are not the adventurous type, there are many other cool tones you could try. For example:

One trend that is really popular with blonde-haired celebrities on instagram is to dye their hair red. Red is the new black but this looks really hot on dark brown hair. You can achieve this look by dying your hair slightly darker than your natural brown roots with a bleach-based product. You can either opt for extensions to define your lines or if you're really daring, you could try getting a perm and going for big bold stripes.

One popular look for light brown hair is a purple shampoo and style. Most famous celebrities on instagram seem to be purple hair-heads so shampooing your hair in purple shampoo is an easy way to tone your hair up. One thing about using purple shampoo is that it will wash out really well and leave your scalp and follicles feeling fresh. Instagram hairstylist says hairstylist: “The purple shampoo is good for brown hair because it does not leave the scalp feeling weighed down or dry. It also is easy to style and it is very long lasting.”

To create this look, you can start by doing highlights on your hair. Underline all of the roots with some purple highlights in the front and then blend in the back with some darker purple highlights. Then use a little bit of hairspray to seal the style and make sure your stylist applies a small amount of moisturizer. Once you're satisfied with your end result, ask your stylist to get some purple extensions and put them in. Ask your stylist if you need to do any styling before she or he adds them.

To achieve this chic look, ask your stylist to choose light brown hair that has been properly highlighted. Then, she or he adds some purple lipstick and light golden or copper mascara to create an aged effect. You can then add in some classic French pleats, wedges and curls, depending on the height of your natural waves and how you want your hairstyle to look. To create an aged yet chic look, ask your stylist for some light brown hair with which to play around. Ask him or her to apply some light colored highlights to different areas of your hair and have them fade in and out as needed throughout the day.

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