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Is Billie Eilish Poster Kmart Still Relevant?

Billie Eilish, lead singer of The Frames and one half of the legendary English band The Ordinary Boys, has just released a new album called Ruins. As with any band who are making a return after a long absence, expectations are high for this new album. Will it live up to the high expectation? Who knows. It's been almost 25 years since the band last put out an album.

If you're a fan of The Ordinary Boys, you'll know very well what I'm talking about. Their music was pure and spot on, memorable and catchy. When The Ordinary Boys put out a new album, it seemed as if they were trying to say ” farewell” to anything that could remotely be compared to their past work and that's exactly what they did. They took every bit of their heritage and gave it their own unique twist.

This new album, Ruins, doesn't have that same unique sound that made them famous in the first place. Instead, Ruins is more about how Eilish creates her characters in her album, about the conflicts that she faces throughout the songs, the trials and tribulations that all leads to a happy ending. It's about the human condition in general. It's about putting on your own mask and going through the motions of your day to day life.

If you're familiar with the guitar work of Billie Eilish, you'll be able to tell that her musical style is much different from her Ordinary Boys days. For instance, on this record, she plays more on the acoustic. It's a good thing because the electric guitar parts are quite messy. It just sounds bad. On her other albums, she played mostly on the electric guitar and the mix is much better.

That's not to say that her talent has diminished. In fact, with her new song, You Can't Get To High, she shows off her amazing voice again. It's not too bad but it's not like what you'd hear from frontmen of past albums. Still, her fans will definitely be glad to hear her voice at last.

Now, I'm not sure what the big secret is behind this new album by Billie Eilish but it sure is a big one. Her previous song, Your Heart Will Go On, was a very sad song. It's about a woman who loses her boyfriend, so her only hope is to get back with him, even if she has to go through a lot of heartache. On the other hand, You Can't Get To High is about someone who knows she's addicted to cocaine but is too scared to do anything about it. Of course, this causes all kinds of problems for the person trying to quit.

The singer manages to escape the drug problem through the help of her friend, played by David Blaine. He tells her that he'll show her how to overcome her addiction to cocaine by passing out song sheets to people on the street. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Eilish finally gets the courage to confront her friend. During the confrontation, she learns that her friend is actually a drug dealer. And just when she thinks she's out of the drug business for good, the voice of David Blaine comes over the speakers and says, “Ya think?”

The song ends with Eilish saying, “I thought I'd die before I got this song,” referring to the fact that she almost died in a car crash when she was 18. This experience has now turned her into a strong and determined person. She even has a new song called, Don't Take Me Alive, which is about to hit the stores soon. She's even recorded a cover of the Doors song, Don't Stop Now. If you're a fan of the band or familiar with their music, you'll definitely want to buy the album.

Billie Eilish Poster Kmart