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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Jeff Gandert

Jeff Gandert has been a master landscape artist for over twenty years, always using simple yet striking imagery to bring to life the wildness of the American Southwest. With his paintings, he conveys a sense of power and confidence in his work. His style is a result of years spent studying nature and working with a number of different artists as well as several different styles of canvas and medium.

An original acrylic onto canvas by acclaimed wildlife artist Jeff Gandert. The large representational painting represents a majestic mountain lion in fine detail, reclining lazily in the center middle of the image looking over the side of a rugged rocky outcrop. The painting is dated and signed, professionally presented in an impressive gold framed canvas. The large size and detailed imagery are a result of Jeff's love of the natural world and how it interacts with man.

“Onyx Tiles and Sand” is the third in a series of landscape paintings that highlight the unique beauty of the Rocky Mountains. This painting is also signed and framed. The large painting depicts a full sized male mountain lion, his body covered in thick, black stripes. His eyes are a magnificent blue and his tail is bushy. This is a realistic depiction of a local resident who lives in and near the Rocky Mountains.

” photographing nature in its natural habitat” was previously displayed at the Center for Mental Health Services in Denver, Colorado. Jeff Gandert chose to focus on this theme because he is a photographer first and foremost. He feels that his photographic art reflects his appreciation of nature, and is not at all beholden to the boundaries and limitations imposed upon us by the natural world. It's about celebrating our ability to see and appreciate the earth's beauty beyond our normal scope.

“Onyx Tiles and Sand” is a beautiful landscape painting that contains numerous photo opportunities. These photo opportunities are presented through the use of a combination of two different frames. One of these frames is a clear acrylic frame, while the other is a photo glass. Through these two methods, the painting is presented in its full glory, as only the natural beauty of the subject is seen. This beautiful oil painting is sure to be a big hit for your home.

“Onyx Tiles and Sand” is the fourth in a series of landscape paintings that highlight the beauty and wonder of our natural world. This oil painting is full of rich colors, textures, and a subject that defies description. Jeff Gandert has a true understanding of the natural world, and he brings this knowledge into his paintings. He understands that the natural world is full of complexities and challenges, and he portrays these aspects of our earth in his work. He brings this knowledge to life in each of his paintings, and his paintings are some of the most unique paintings you'll ever see.

“Waterfall on a Slope” is the fifth in this wonderful series of landscape paintings. The large water falling from above is shown against the rugged landscape below. The bright colors and the deep blue waters seem to have a hypnotic quality to them, and make you feel as though you're actually on an exotic beach somewhere. This is a highly recommended addition to any library.

“Starry Night” is the sixth in this wonderful series, and it also contains a photo collage of several images. Each image is printed in full color onto white cotton paper. The image in the center of this collage is a spectacular recreation of the night sky. It is printed at the exact size and position as the original, and it is printed looking as if it was made just for hanging on the wall. This oil painting is breathtaking!

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5 Jeff Gandert Wildlife paintings ideas wildlife paintings – Jeff Gandert | Jeff Gandert

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