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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Terry Grundy Artist?

Terry Grundy is an artist with many followers worldwide. He was born in Bolton on December 11, 1956. A self-taught artist, Terry was also drawn to the wonderful English countryside as a young child, and this led him to become an accomplished artist. In 1986, he began traveling to the United States, visiting various art museums in New York and California, as well as many other locations around the world. He spent much of his time creating paintings of nature, wildlife and people, which he showed during his travels.

As an artist, Terry Grundy is known for his vibrant paintings of subjects such as rural landscapes, mountain vistas, and cityscapes. But it was not until he was in his mid thirties that he decided to pursue his true calling and devote his efforts to oil painting. At that point in his career, Terry was just starting to explore his own creative talents, but he knew he wanted to continue to develop his vision, so he pursued painting related to nature. This led him to create such wonderful oil paintings as the famous “Barrow Hills”, and “Lying Low”.

Although he was a committed and talented artist at the start, Terry grew up in a home where art was not an especially popular pastime, at least not to the degree that it would have been in some cities around the UK, for example, Brighton and Manchester. Consequently, when he was in his late teens, Terry Grundy discovered his passion for art. He travelled around the United Kingdom, looking for work to display in exhibitions, but he was disappointed with the lack of commercial artwork in these cities. Consequently, when he was twenty-two years old, Terry Grundy set off on a personal mission to find a gallery which showcased his work, which he did by entering his artwork into local competitions. He hoped that this would encourage other artists to take an interest in western art.

As is often the case with working professionals, however, things went awry and in spite of his best efforts, Terry Grundy's dream of showcasing his artwork in an English countryside gallery came to nothing. He became disheartened, but not discouraged. In fact, in order to try and turn his dreams into reality, Terry Grundy turned to the skies, which might seem like an unusual path for an amateur artist. He also bought a number of large and expensive paintings, all which were destined to be redundant, as none of them fitted in with the other western art which he held dear.

Fortunately for the aspiring Terry Grundy artist, however, there were necessary information brochures and photos which could help him turn his dream into reality. These would not only enable him to buy and display his wares in an english countryside gallery, but they would also provide necessary information about his background, including his full name and address. He was able to see first hand the true scope of his art, and although he never actually pursued his passion, what a relief it was when he was finally allowed to buy art, something which was previously impossible. He even now looks fondly upon the day in which he was finally given his freedom, buying a number of his favourite pieces, including one of the original oil paintings by Thomas Gainsborough, which was purchased by him from a stall in the Omega market in Manchester, England.

The full story of how Terry Grundy came to possess some of his most beautiful paintings, and how these discoveries were transformed into an ever more impressive career, is detailed in detail by his former partner, Martine Rose, in his book entitled: An Artist's Life. However, the transformation of a young Thomas Gainsborough into the respected and acclaimed Terry Grundy didn't take place overnight, as he discovered and pursued his passion for art in a traditional manner. There must have been several moments over the course of his artistic career which helped to define and solidify the decision which was to result in the greatest artist of all time, the one who possessed a true understanding of colour and form, along with an uncanny eye for capturing life in all its majestic glory.

When asked what initially attracted him to the world of art, Terry said that it was the natural beauty of things, combined with a desire to understand and capture what he saw, and which was why he was drawn towards the English countryside when he was young. The image of English landscapes which he found in his youth, combined with his desire to understand their lives and how they evolved, eventually led to him being drawn towards the medium of painting, which was to become an intrinsic part of his entire artistic career. Whilst pursuing an art degree at university, Terry went to live and work in the English countryside, and during this time he discovered an 'invisible connection' to rural life which he was captivated by. The quietness and simplicity of the English countryside, combined with his growing fascination with the works of ancient art, resulted in him being drawn towards painting these paintings, and he now describes his work as having an 'emotional' nature. He has described his artwork as having a 'precious' quality, and this quality is present in each of his published works, where he utilises the medium of paint to create a remarkable and memorable visual experience.

As well as featuring many of his own paintings, The Estate of Thomas Gainsborough, also includes a wealth of additional information relating to this great artist. There are various profiles of some of his contemporary artists, biographical sketches of his life and career, facts and photographs, which are necessary information and help to identify a particular piece of Thomas Gainsborough art. A glossary of some of the terms used in the painting, together with a list of the articles written about the subject, is also provided, making this a handy guide for anyone who would like to gain an in-depth knowledge of the life and works of Thomas Gainsborough. All of this, along with the previously mentioned essential information, makes The Estate of Thomas Gainsborough a valuable tool for anyone who is serious about becoming an artist. A must buy for all art enthusiasts!

Terry Grundy ‘Meadows at Sunset’ SOLD – Ashleigh Bishop Fine Art – Terry Grundy Artist | Terry Grundy Artist

Terry Grundy Original oil painting on panel, Summer Sunset, Art – Terry Grundy Artist | Terry Grundy Artist

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Original paintings by Terence Grundy, artist – Terry Grundy Artist | Terry Grundy Artist