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Seven Gigantic Influences Of Oil Conservation Towards Health And Better Environment Drawing

Oil conservation is a very significant aspect as the world today relies on petroleum products which is a non renewable source. In order to make the world run smoothly, efforts have to be made towards conservation. There are different methods of oil conservation. These methods can be made use to power vehicles or to generate electricity. One needs to be aware of each method and what role each one plays in making the world run as smoothly as possible.

It has been seen that oil conservation is a crucial factor with regard to our planet. The rate at which the earth is being bombarded by radiations from the sun and other sources is fast that it is leaving the earth under huge amounts of pressure. The pressure is so great that the earth is getting ready to collapse. The consequences of these disasters could be calamitous. To prevent such calamities from happening, efforts should be made towards decreasing the amount of radiations coming from the sun and using alternate sources of energy like geothermal and nuclear.

Seven Gigantic Influences Of Oil Conservation Towards Health And Better Environment Drawing

We are running out of chances to fulfill our need for oil. The threats that are being posed to the world are many. One of them is global warming. The alarming reports that keep appearing in the media show us the extent of global warming and how bad it is becoming; efforts for oil conservation towards a healthy and better environment must be adopted quickly.

We are using up a large percentage of the earth's oil resources which are being used for various reasons. One reason is that we want to use these petroleum products for economic purposes. The petroleum products are also required for heating purposes. When there is less petroleum products in the soil and when the ratio of people using the oil resources is increasing, it would be impossible to extract oil from the ground easily. Thus, a big portion of the oil which is generated is lost to mankind.

Another reason for the non-use of oil in the soil is its cost. With more people using cars and trucks for transportation; more dollars are needed to purchase fuel. This is one of the reasons for the increased demand for oil. Also, the rising cost of oil is making the imported oil unaffordable for many countries in the world. The solution to this problem can be a change in attitude among people who consume oil. They should start using alternative fuel for transportation which is much cheaper and more environment-friendly than oil.

The other reason for oil conservation is the threat to the ozone layer. Ozone layer is thinning day by day due to the effects of various gases and chemicals. In fact, there have been several reports about the harmful effects of carbon dioxide emission on the ozone layer. There are also studies which show that carbon dioxide is the major cause for the thinning of the ozone layer. By reducing the amount of carbon emission and its by products, we can prevent the harm being caused to the ozone layer.

Another reason for the oil conservation towards healthy and better environment. This is because of the rising population in the world, the dependence on oil and the use of non-renewable resources like coal and peat. These resources are being depleted at an alarming rate and could lead to disastrous global warming if not checked. Cutting down on oil consumption could help slow down the pace of global warming and could even help us preserve the earths environment. Cutting down on petroleum products like petrol, diesel and bio-gas could also help conserve natural sources of oil.

Although, the above reasons can explain why we should take positive step towards sustainable development of our environment and towards healthy and better environment for our future generations. It is always good to adopt a holistic approach towards any problem and it will never hurt to adopt the same way of thinking for oil conservation. Our present generation should not have to bear the brunt of the consequences of global warming if we do our part now in using clean and sustainable development of oil. There are many other effective methods too that can be adopted by governments worldwide to curb the use of crude oil. So, what are you waiting for?