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Seven Top Risks Of Attending Francesca Dimattio

Francesca Dimattio s (b. 1980) is an Italian artist whose work is focused on interpreting figures, their forms and shapes, in everyday life. She is a practicing artist as well as being a sculptor and teacher. Ms. Dimattio has made art works for many years, but her major mediums are figurative as well as photographic, and they are often accompanied by writing and poetry. Her artwork is frequently controversial and displays multiple genres of artistic expression. In this article we will examine the life and work of Francesca Dimattio.

In the New York Times book review of Francesca Dimattio's first solo exhibition titled: “On View: Reflections of Everyday Things”, published in 2021, the writer stated that the paintings were at once “alluring and unsettling” and that it took courage to display such volatile material. The reviewer went on to say that the work was at times graphic and disturbing, and that the subject was addressed primarily at mid-field and low-ground, both in terms of scale and compositions. Francesca Dimattio also made a solo exhibition entitled: “Starry Night”, which was showcased at the solo exhibit of the same name in 2021. It comprises of eighteen paintings, and was created using mainly landscapes and nudes. As stated in the review, the majority of the work was dark, with only a few pieces featuring any bright or luminous colors.

At the same time, there is no indication that Francesca Dimattio is planning any major new works. Two of her most well received paintings, however, have been included on the roster of the prestigious exhibition, Salon Zero in New York. One is titled: “A Woman With One Eye”, which was painted at the studio of Lapa in 1983. It features a close-up of a woman's eye, and is accompanied by a short and sweet poem by Dimattio. The other painting, entitled: “My Friend's Family”, was showcased at the Sotheby's in New York in 2021, and features a group of people in traditional suits.

In the case of these two previously mentioned paintings, it seems obvious that the inspiration for them came from either historical references, or from the natural world. For example, in the case of the Woman With One Eye, the reference is taken from the famous artograph by Gustave Caillebotte, which depicts a young woman with one eye, surrounded by a multitude of geometric shapes. Caillebotte's painting, while highly representative of the urban avant-garde art movement, nevertheless has strong modernist leanings. In the case of My Friend's Family, the main icon is probably the plaster head of Christ. These are either representative of icons from ancient Greece and Rome, or of abstract expressions and symmetries which are often found in modern art.

The style of the sculptures is also representative of the personality of the painter. Dimattio's paintings, while not particularly representational, tend to be highly symmetric, and have a smooth flowing appearance. They are also characterized by a certain sculptural quality, reminiscent of old-fashioned sandstone.

If we look closely, Francesca Dimattio often paints symmetrical forms, with large and small parts of the piece, as well as rounded edges. In her first major painting, entitled: “My Friend's Family (Starry Night)”, she divides the piece into four sections, each with a different color. The left section consists of light blue, gray and white, while the right section has shades of gray and black. Finally, the remaining areas all have varying shades of blue and/or gray. This example of symmetry and balance is common among Francesca Dimattio's first paintings, and is another reflection of her style.

Another facet of her work which characterizes her career is her use of strong imagery. Many of her pieces feature people, animals, landscape and environments, blended together in what can be seen as montages. These include subjects as varied as an airplane, a landscape and an underwater landscape. Many of her works have themes, such as love and faith, or religious themes, or even personal themes. For instance, one painting entitled: “Mystic Ways”, depicts various people and their respective relationships, organized in different styles and locations in the painting.

Other themes which are featured in her artwork include: the sea, the skies above, and symmetrical compositions. For instance, one piece from her album titled: “Starry Sky” features a symmetrical triangle, while a similar composition, entitled “Starry Night”, has a straight line and a cloud formation in the background. Another piece from the same album titled “Starry Night”, which also features cloud formations, is in fact a rather unusual format, with a single panel stretched horizontally to the left and right of the image and the entire image surrounded by a circle. At least some of the cloud formations in the painting were actually made out of Styrofoam, though it is not visible in the painting. All in all, Francesca Dimattio's art can be described as visionary, playful and at the same time, capturing the beauty of the night sky through her various artistic mediums.

These are just a few samples of works done by Francesca Dimattio. In fact, she specializes in works that display the sensual allure of nature, especially in relation to women and youth. Her dreamy and romantic paintings tend to combine the earthly with the spiritual, a mixture that she says can be found in her favorite artists, Picasso and Rothko for example. Dimattio's works also tend to combine forms such as landscapes, vistas, liturgies, lituudes, nudes, she-wolves and angelic faces.

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