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Semi Abstract Art Definition

The semi abstract art definition has been around for a long time. However, in the last few years, with the popularity of computers, the abstract paintings and sculptures have come into their own. There are now computer generated images which can be transferred onto canvas. However, it is the work of painters such as Jasper Johnsons and Frank Stella that define this art form. These artists were able to take images of the cosmos and create paintings that have become iconic.

Here is one example, from an exhibition titled 'The Art & Creative Thought' held at Tate Britain in London, UK. The painting is entitled 'The Kiln-Form' and it is by Jasper Johnsons. In this painting, the artist has used what is known as a Kiln-formed bottle to create what looks like a poured glass jar. The jar has been coated in a thick layer of glaze that has been fired within the kiln-formed bottle, therefore resulting in an image that looks like it has been gently lit in the kiln.

The painting is a magnificent example of fine art. It has drawn visitors who have paid generously to see this remarkable artwork. The inspiration for this particular artwork came when the artist was reflecting on the life cycle of a vine. He came to the conclusion that each vine leaf is representative of a moment in time. Therefore he decided to use this idea to create a painting that would evoke thoughts of life, growth, vitality, birth and autumnal equinox.

This semi abstract art definition has become very popular. This type of art work is normally produced on canvas and used to depict landscapes. This can range from natural scenes to urban scenes. This type of artwork is usually produced in vibrant colours. The most common colours used for this type of work are reds, oranges, yellows, blues and even turquoise.

Urban art is also based on the semi abstract art definition. This can include murals, wall paintings. These images will tend to be vibrant colours with a lot of movement. They are often created using stencils. Wall murals are normally painted on the walls of flat buildings to decorate them.

A landscape painting may consist of a painting of a cityscape. The work may have an identifiable theme which helps to classify it into a specific category. For example, the painting could be classified as cityscape, nature or landscape depending on the artists use of colours, the subject matter involved and the medium used. For instance, a painting of a cityscape would most likely be produced with the use of watercolours. Such images help to portray the dynamic and fast changing nature of life.

An abstract art definition that goes along the lines of impressionism focuses on the quality and impressionism style of a painting. Impressionism paintings will be those that are full of colour and shapes. These types of work may include murals. A famous example of this style of work is Mona Lisa.

A figurative painting refers to a work made especially for decorating a space. It is typically done as a wall hanging. It may have figurative figures such as people, animals or abstract objects. A famous example of this work would be The Scream.

Another type of figurative work is a creation which is used to decorate something like a room. It may not necessarily be used to cover a wall. Instead it may be used to frame a view or even display a particular object. Examples include paintings of birds, flowers and abstract items.

A still life is another way of presenting a work of art. It is also known as a painting in the semi Abstract Art category. A still life usually will feature a small scene with a focus on an item. The focus of the work may be on colors, forms or details.

As you can see, there are many ways that a work of art can be categorized. By no means is this list exhaustive but it should give you a good idea of the different styles that semi abstract art takes on. By considering some of the points made in this article you should be able to develop a good understanding as to what a specific piece of art is about.

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