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The Hidden Agenda Of Broken Wing Butterfly Tattoo

Getting a broken wing tattoo is one of the most painful tattoos to get, but also the most beautiful. The pain of having a broken wing can be compared to nothingness. You are just floating there with no destination. And even if you get that wing covered up, it is still unsightly. It will definitely not go away by itself. It is definitely an incomplete design.

A Broken Wing Butterfly Tattoo comes in many variations. One variation is called the Butterfly Fly Tattoo. A Broken Wing Butterfly is basically a long stretched butterfly spread with not Equidistant long strike line from the short side. Place carefully on a smooth flat surface and position first set of tweezers around the upper wings to hold butterfly in place and immobilize wings, after that you can use the tweezers to spread out the other two-thirds of the butterfly wings. A broken wing butterfly is also referred to as a skip-Strike butterfly and is often a three-leg versions spread like the regular butterfly.

Another great tattoo designs for broken wing butterflies are the butterfly wings spread when there are only two or three wing buds. In this case the wings form a delta with the center as the dot. When it starts to grow, it starts forming a straight line with the dot at the center. You may also find some butterflies with two wings spread vertically and the third one flat.

Another very famous design for broken wing butterflies is called the Love Bug. Just like its name implies, these are small bugs which you can see on your lovers' skin. The Love bug as a symbolizes unfaithfulness and infidelity in a relationship. Tattoos of these have become very popular because many people think that love bugs are really attractive.

These type of butterflies are also very common. When looking for your design you have two choices- put the butterfly on top of the arm or put them around the belly. This is a good choice if you plan to have this tattoo on your lower back since most people place butterflies on their arm. But if you place them around the belly or on the lower arm, you should try to make them a little larger in size. And when choosing, make sure that you choose butterflies that look good together!

To make your broken wing butterfly strategy more effective, you must know the best way to use it. As mentioned above, you can use either the regular butterfly or the two-winged variation for this strategy. But remember that you need to make sure that you choose the right one for you. Since both varieties can have a wide range of interpretations, you should consider what meaning you want to convey with your tattoo. For example, a butterfly with a large swallow tattoo and a sun or a rose tattoo can represent two different things.

When choosing the butterfly that you want, it is important to take a few things into consideration: the size of the wings, the location where you plan to put it and the color. A small butterfly usually symbolizes a lack of intimacy while a large one can signify the strength of your bond. So you need to choose a size that matches your personality. The location is very important- make sure that you choose the right part of your body to display it. Usually the wings are done on the back, but some people like to display wings on the chest and shoulder as well.

The color of the butterfly should also be considered. While I personally prefer natural looking colors, some people would go for different designs to add color to their design and it can be anything from colorful gemstones to hues of red or black. You should take note however that the lighter the butterfly, the longer the broken wing will usually take. With this in mind, you might want to place your wing on the longest part of your body to avoid making your tattoo too long.

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