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The Latest Trend In Police Tattoo Quotes

Are you thinking of getting a Police Tattoo? Then here are some nice Police Tattoo Quotes ideas to help you make up your mind. First of all what do you see? Do you see an all-white picture with a big red “S” printed at its center? Or a black and white sketch with maybe a badge pinned to it or another symbol of authority? If you see any of those, then I guess you would like a tattoo too.

There is a reason why they are called “Tattoo”, it's not because they are made out of needles and ink but they are actually a form of body art. Police tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years and there are many designs which have become very common and are even approved by the government and the armed forces. So the question arises: Which are your favorites?

Two designs that are probably the most popular ones are the “MS. Quinsey” and “Mr. Pulido”. These two designs are very common among teens and younger people nowadays. So maybe these two are your favorites and you would like a police tattoo with one of them. But what other good choices are there? Let's take a look at the three most popular tattoos on girls:

The first one is the MS. Quinsey. This design was created by artist Sam McClellan who is well known for his renditions of tattoo art for people of all ages and gender. Actually, a lot of his work can probably be found on the police blotters, so if you see a picture of a police girl with a police tattoo quotes on her body, it might be from one of his creations. He has done a lot of police tattoo quotes in the past, including the image above.

The second option is the “Mr. Pulido”. This is a male version of the MS. Quinsey design which was created by artist Ed Hardy. If you want a police girl with a tattoo of a muscular male in a police uniform, this is the choice for you. Hardy's creations are definitely more masculine looking than the previous one and he has certainly expanded his range of designs for women as well.

Now let's take a look at the top three police tattoo quotes for women. The first one is the quote from Tombstone; this one comes in at number two. Tombstone is the famous old detective who solves murders using his unique brand of reasoning and deductive skills. It has become a very popular choice among female tattoo enthusiasts. There's no reason why you shouldn't fall in love with this great personality as I have.

The third and final one is from a crime drama TV show on Fox called The Firm. This one is the greatest ladies' choice as it contains the image of a beautiful woman being slowly strangled to death by a large and muscular man. Although the man is only identified as Michael Jackson, the message that “you'll never get away with murder” is clearly conveyed. It is a true quote that will stay with you forever.

These are just a few of the most popular police tattoo quotes for women. You can use them as a starting point when searching for a design. Just remember that they are only ideas and it doesn't mean that you can replicate the exact style. For example, some of these styles are very popular today but not as trendy as they were back then. They just might not be the right one for your skin. So talk it out with a tattoo artist first.

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