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Understand The Background Of Andy Warhol Zebra Now

Andy Warhol was a famous cartoon artist who created a series of popular works in the early part of the 20th century. These included, but were not limited to, The Velvet Underground, Warhol Zebra and Celebrity Skin Care. His fame was so immense that in his native Poland he was actually venerated as a national hero. He received numerous awards for his work and it was finally after the death of his wife, Josephine, that the artist's remains were donated to a museum.

The first of these paintings, The Velvet Underground, which showed Warhol's fascination with glamour and celebrity culture, went on to become one of the most well known pieces of art in the world. It was also incredibly controversial, especially when Warhol painted the image of a pimp with two girls. As a result it was banned in many countries. However, it has since been restored and has recently been displayed at the famous Paris art gallery, Le Louvre. Warhol also produced several other series of similar paintings. These series helped to cement Warhol's reputation as a great artist.

Warhol's other popular series were based around animals. He produced paintings of dogs, cats, zebras and ungulates. Each of these had particular significance in Warhol's life or was connected to an aspect of his personality. Cats were used as a symbol of leisure and luxury. Zebras represented virility and accomplishment. Dogs were used to express anger or friendship.

Andy Warhol Zebra, is perhaps the most famous of these paintings. It is notable for its striking use of colour and pattern. Warhol's choice of a zebra gave him great opportunity to create something unusual. There is a large variety of zebra in nature, including black and white, black and tan and even multi-color. This gave Warhol the chance to create a vivid picture of a real zebra with great effect.

It is unusual that in his career Andy Warhol produced so many pictures of zebra and he managed to keep the animal in the background of each painting whereas in previous works he had it in the foreground. Warhol's choice of a dark tone for his canvas was also unusual. Normally, Warhol had chosen a light or pale pastel. But, with his image of the zebra, he managed to achieve an impressive dark effect by using the darker tones of the red and orange.

The popularity of the series was immense. It has remained popular throughout the years and is still a favorite with Warhol fans. Other Warhol creations have been inspired by the zebra and it is easy to find examples of these on the internet. Many reproductions of Warhol's zebra paintings have been created and are available for those who want an exact replica.

The success of the series convinced Warhol that he could succeed in selling paintings of other subjects. He then went on to create similar groups for animals, plants and cars. Each series showed a different aspect of Warhol's art. As with the zebra, each one had a unique theme and it became increasingly clear that he was a talented artist. In later years, Warhol successfully concentrated on his animal art and his group of animals proved to be very successful.

Today, Andy Warhol's art lives on in the numerous exhibitions and commemorative programs that feature Warhol's original artwork. There are also websites that feature Warhol's other Warhol group subjects including the leopard, the raccoon and the cat. Some of these art reproductions can be found on the internet. Many collectors buy Warhol prints and reproductions to decorate their homes and offices. Even celebrities such as John Lennon and Richard Nixon have made a living from buying authentic Andy Warhol artwork.

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