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12 Facts You Never Knew About Edward Hopper

When I first heard of Edward Hopper's The Great Bazaar, I was skeptical. After all, it was called The Great Bazaar and although I knew about the story behind the writing, I wasn't sure if I wanted to read about it. It was one of those books that scared me away from reading too much. But once I got past that “scary” stage, I was hooked.

The story begins in 18th century America where a young woman by the name of Ellen Winslow rents a store in New Hampshire. Her landlord, Mr. Wookey, disapproves of her business and she sells her own book shop to him. He then takes off with her. But before they can go, a man named Scribner comes into the store and asks for their services. It is here that the book begins to take shape. It becomes clear very early on that this man has a destiny with Ellen and would do everything in his power to help her.

With the assistance of the locals, we get introduced to Scribner and find out that he is the owner of the store. In addition, we also learn that he is a very loving and caring individual who is just looking for someone to share his life with – anyone that can understand his problems and love him regardless. And when it comes to love, Edward hopper – who happens to be the man's grandson – comes in a close second.

But is Edward truly the hero? Is there more to this story that just what happened between him and the man who was supposed to love him? Is this story just another fairy tale about a boy who dies and is now a beloved figure in the lives of others? Or could it be that this story could just have been about any young person growing up during the late 1800s – right now, in today's America – and then later being discovered and taken in as a lodger by a well to do gentleman?

The author, Edward Hopper, does not mince words in this book. He lets us know exactly what happens throughout the course of the narrative, including details about how the family came to be where they are. He also includes some rather explicit descriptions of the activities that are carried out in the home, including what is going on in the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and even the bedroom. These vivid and descriptive scenes really do bring life to the story and make it very vivid for all those who are reading it.

Edward Hopper is also an accomplished writer. In the Forward to the Book, he provides a detailed introduction of himself and his work, saying that he “has always been interested in writing, though it seemed unlikely that he ever would become a writer. He is married, however, and has four grown children who enjoy his writings as much as anything else he does.” Those who have seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally” also will be familiar with the name Edward Hopper. His name is also spelled as Hopper in that movie.

What particularly struck me, and this is only an opinion, is that this collection of short stories is just under one hundred and twenty pages in length. This, I think, is a great length for a story such as this. The stories are not confusing, and do not drag on for two hundred and fifty pages. They all build up to a climax which involves the main character in an excellent action scene – and then the story fades out and we come right back into the everyday life of the Parent and Child.

Edward Hopper is truly a master of the written word. He has a way of making even the most simple and commonplace events in our lives seem magical and wondrous. I was absolutely amazed by some of the things he wrote about. Like the time when he went with his mother to the park to pick apples for dinner – she decided she wanted something other than apples, so they decided to visit the nursery and get some flowers. It seems that Eddy knew something about growing roses, because he ended up with several beautiful rows of them as a result of his trip. The end of that story, as you can imagine, is priceless.

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