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13 Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Bob Ross Paintings

Bob Ross is known for his paintings of people and his famous eyebrows. There are more than 400 episodes of which he did three prints of each episode, so there must be a couple of hundred paintings in the TV series by now. And some of those probably are also on eBay or some similar site. So you just need to find your way around and open your favourite search engine, do your bit of searching and you're met with several hundred page results. So how do you tell which one is the real thing and which one's a replica?

I'll give you three clues about the real one. The first one is the name of the artist who did the painting, and the second one is the description by the owner of the original artwork. The third clue is the pricing, which is usually quite high compared to the ones in the market. In most cases, paintings by this artist are sold at auctions for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That can't be very hard for someone who wants to have one of these paintings in their home.

But how do you tell whether it's a Bob Ross painting or not? You can look at the painting, but that doesn't mean you can make out what's in it. For instance, if you watch the TV show, you can easily tell that the painting is done with a flat style brush and that the colors used are bright and vibrant, but the real Bob Ross paintings are done using oil paints and he usually paints the background a dark shade of gray.

Now, a Bob Ross painting is a unique and authentic piece of art, so how do you know that it's real? A Bob Ross painting is considered to be authentic because it's almost impossible to distinguish it from a regular portrait. The subject matter, like the famous painting of Mary and Baby Jesus, would have been a breeze to create if it was done with acrylics, and the painter could have applied light or shadow instead of paint. The same is true of paintings done by other artists. These paintings would not have been as successful without the master's distinctive style, which is the secret behind their appeal.

Bob Ross paintings are also unique because they're often related to a specific geographical region. For example, Bob Ross did his best work while living in Alaska, which is located in an area known for its massive mountains. This means that each of his paintings has an element connected to the particular mountains where it was made. For instance, if you look at one of his Alaska-based paintings, you'll see a figure in a fur suit holding a piece of a glacier, a scene reminiscent of the one that photographer Robert Capa found while traveling above the Arctic Circle.

Some people argue that the paintings contain no meaningful content, but this isn't entirely true. Some of Ross's paintings contain landscapes, but they're usually mountains that we've never seen. Others, such as his famous portrait of a woman swinging a baby over her head, include detailed close-ups of facial features. Still others, such as the large abstract paintings containing florals and geometric patterns, include simple foreground elements such as cloud formations. Because these paintings don't actually portray anything in particular, they don't necessarily contain messages but merely allow the artist to use his most creative medium, his hands, to tell a story through his art.

Bob Ross paintings, then, can either contain or omit meaningful content. Either way, a person's Bob Ross paintings offer a unique glimpse into his artistic personality and a tiny glimpse into the future of art. As you probably already know, ninety percent of paintings you see were made with the benefit of a computer program, so your chances of seeing a message in them are as slim as those of winning the lottery. But a Ross painting adds a touch of human expression and allows the creator to escape the computer monitor and into the realm of his emotions.

This is why “Songs For Christmas” paintings by Bob Ross remain such popular presents. People want to feel that they're getting a real gift from an artist who cares about the person who commissioned the work and cares about giving back to his or her clientele. Ross understands this, as he's made it clear from the beginning that he wants to make these paintings available to anyone who feels inspired by them. He also makes it clear that he doesn't plan to stop commissioning new artists anytime soon, because his love for the process makes him incapable of not motivating someone to create a beautiful depiction of his beloved Christmas season.

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