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14 Rembrandt That Had Gone Way Too Far

For generations, Rembrandt has been the dominant name in fine art. From his early studies in Europe, to his innovative style in his paintings during the renaissance and baroque eras, Rembrandt has created some of the most well known paintings in history. His renown is not solely limited to fine art though. He also created a wide range of other artwork including religious works and nature scenes. His many masterpieces have earned him the admiration of other artists and were often owned by the Royalty and wealthy.

One can easily classify Rembrandt's paintings into four main categories: Nature, Theaters, Miniatures and Architectural Designs. These are followed by his Country and War themes. The paintings which belonged to the category of nature were very popular as Rembrandt was very fond of flowers and foliage and liked to show these in his paintings. These would include such plants as Roses, Thymes, Ferns and Palms. His paintings of landscapes were usually nature based with mountains, fields and valleys.

Rembrandt's best known work is undoubtedly The Night Watch. This was his most successful and often used theme in his paintings. It is famous for its combination of still life and portrait style. Other popular subjects included boats, battles, and cityscapes. Rembrandt's most famous painting of all time is The Night Watch.

Rembrandt's other major works include The Chains of Command and The Battle. These two are considered to be his best and most widely used theme throughout his career. Many other smaller and less famous paintings from this time period are The Dying Church, The Banner of King Philips, The Queen's Necklace, The Mill and Peeper and The Fighting Dutchman.

Although Rembrandt died in 1569, many of his paintings survived and are currently in the collection of private collectors and galleries around the world. Some of his most well-known works can be found at the famous art galleries and museums in London. Many popular exhibitions of Rembrandt paintings occur yearly.

Today, Rembrandt's paintings are seen as important interpretive tools for interpreting the past and present. Many people do not realize that this Dutch master artist was actually a member of the Royal Dutch Dynasty. His paintings are therefore of important significance as they portray the dark and turbulent times in which he lived. One of the reasons why these paintings continue to be so important and sought after is because of the vibrant colors that are inherent in most of his paintings. Rembrandt's paintings also convey a sense of wonder and beauty.

One of Rembrandt's most famous works is The Night Watch. This is where he attempted to portray the dilemma of man as he was presented with the night sky. Rembrandt employed bright colors such as red, yellow, orange and blue in order to depict the effects that are seen in the clouds as the sun sets. He was truly a master of color.

Rembrandt is not only known for his amazing paintings, but also for his important role in the Dutch Republic as a judge and lawman. Another famous work by Rembrandt that is held in high esteem is The Night Watch. This work, which predates Rembrandt's infamous paintings, portrays a judge interviewing people accused of crimes. Other works that can be found in the Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam include The Battle of Alcazar and The Descent from the Cross.

For many generations, the fame of Rembrandt paintings was attributed to his controversial artistic style. For example, his student, Anneke Baroque, was accused of being a witch for attempting to create a spell over one hundred people. She was imprisoned and eventually died in prison. As a result, Rembrandt's reputation suffered for this event, but he never stopped painting and remains one of the most famous painters in the world today.

If one should visit Amsterdam, there is no doubt to be found a number of paintings done by Rembrandt. If one only has time, it would be wise to see as many of them as possible. His artwork is not only breathtaking, but there is a feeling of serenity to all that one sees. One of the best things about Rembrandt is that he was able to combine the classic elements of Dutch art with modern day conveniences to create pieces of art that are still widely appreciated throughout the world.

Today, one can find a vast number of Internet sites that deal with Rembrandt paintings. Some specialize in selling art, while others deal simply in general art news. There are even Rembrandt sites that are strictly devoted to sharing information about the famous artist. It is also interesting to note that Rembrandt once had a studio on South Street in Amsterdam, which would have been another reason for him to paint so many portraits in this city. His artwork will continue to be popular for many years to come.

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