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Five Awesome Things You Can Learn From Diamond Painting

What makes diamond painting so unique? Unlike other hobbies like gardening or knitting, Diamond Painting requires no prior experience on your part, and can yield a very fast and effective result. Even if you do know a little bit about painting with gems, you can still create an excellent painting in your first attempt, and not even know a thing about diamond paint. However, if you are completely new to this, or just want to take up this particular art form for its beauty rather than its quick turnaround, it is best that you acquire some basic information first. This will help you become more acquainted with the techniques and strategies you need to use.

It is essential to understand that diamond painting uses a technique called cross-stitch. In cross-stitch, a fabric is sewn with straight stitches, rather than the usual dotted stitches. This is done so that each square of the artwork would have a straight line that exactly follows the pattern. This way, when you complete the painting, you would have a perfect, perfectly-made-to-order masterpiece of a work of art. The canvas used for this kind of work is cloth that is at least one quarter inch thick, although thin materials can also be used.

To begin, you will need four to eight ounce cotton batting, a double-sided stick with which to stitch the squares together, a tapestry needle, a needlepoint frame, a sheet of construction paper, a sheet of stickers or vellum, and a diamond cutter or diamond paint brush. Next, place the batting on the tapestry needle and hold the needlepoint frame firmly in position with the tapestry needle pointing upwards. Begin by placing one of the square diamonds onto the top of the square frame. Then, position another one onto the bottom.

The next step is to secure them both onto the paper. By using round drills first, then using small round drills, you can carefully hole the paper into each square. You will know when the paper is holes-in-place when the top square is completely covered. This is because each subsequent square will have only one hole drilled through it until the frame is covered, at which time the diamond paint will be visible. Once all holes are holes-in-place, switch to using large, decorative square drills.

To finish your diamond paintings, you may now add embellishments to the picture. One of the most popular embellishments that crafters add to their new hobby is glitter. The type of glitter used depends on how much fancy is included in the painting. Some crafters like to add an embossed design while others like to leave it plain, leaving the sparkle to the imagination.

Another option available to crafters is to add cut out pieces to the painting. When doing this process, it is important to first prepare the background for the cut out areas by peeling back the plastic film on the front of the piece. Then, using a very small section of the piece that has the same color as the background, the crafter may outline the area with a very thin bead of glue. Next, with the small parts being held onto the background by small sections of plastic film, the crafter uses a craft knife and carefully cuts out the design with the plastic film still attached to the front. This is then followed by smoothing out any edges that would be noticeable with the larger areas of the painting.

When finished with the completed diamond paintings, you will want to take them to a professional jeweler to have them mounted. Before mounting the paintings onto the frame, the jeweler will need to prepare the frames. Most jewelers place a small amount of water inside the frames to soften the paint before mounting them.

The final step in preparing your painting kit is simply adding your own creative input into the finished project. The options for the painting materials are limited only by your own creativity. A jewelry making kit can contain anything from colored glass beads to tiny gemstones cut in diamond shapes. If you choose to make a jewelry making kit, make sure you include some type of instruction along with the kit so that the crafter has the knowledge to finish the item properly.

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